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Some events require prepayment. Your reservation for these events is not complete until you have paid for the event prior to the registration cut-off date. Check the event details to find out if money should be paid to the club to reserve your spot. There are also instances when money must be paid to an eventís outfitter upon your arrival. Payment information is included at the bottom of every event page under "Cost & Payment." You can pay for your reservation via PayPal, Cash or Check/Money Order. See below for details on each, listed in order of club preference.

You MUST sign up for an event prior to paying in order to guarantee your spot!

PayPal (Preferred Method) - This allows you to pay for events using your credit or debit card as well as automatic withdrawals from your bank account. When using PayPal, please use the button on your Upcoming Events page.

Why do we Prefer PayPal?
  1. When you pay using PayPal you are saving work and time that would otherwise be required by our volunteers to process your payment.
  2. Your payment is recorded instantly! (Unless you choose the eCheck payment method.)
    Knowing that your payment is complete right away allows the Trip Leader to focus more on planning a fun event.

PC Banking - If you use Online Banking, you can "e-mail" your payment to the Treasurer using PC Banking. Log in to your bank's web site, then (generally speaking), look under "Transfers" then look for "E-Mail Transfers". Send your payment to, and be sure to use a security question that the Treasurer can answer (typical question: "Club president's first name").

Check or Money Order - can be physically handed to Amy Lipsius or Amy Lipsius no later than NOON on the event's registration cut-off date. If you prefer to mail your payment, it must be received by the club no later than the cut-off date - so mail it in early. Make checks and money orders out to Maryland Outdoor Club and mail to:
7813 Callington Way
Hanover, MD, 21076

Cash - must be physically handed to Amy Lipsius OR Amy Lipsius no later than NOON the event's registration cut-off date.