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  1. Before organizing for us, we ask that you have attended at least five MOC events, have zero "no-shows" on your account, and provide a referral from one or two people on our volunteer team (perhaps the Event Organizers of some events you've attended) who can vouch that they think you'll do a good job of organizing.

  2. For your first few events, the Event Director will assist you in setting up your event. Your "job" is to learn, do the event, and decide if you want to become more involved as a club volunteer.

  3. Ready to get started? First, choose your event:
    • If you pick something that we've already got in our database you do not have to do the research involved to determine the event details - we can copy the existing event. Use our Event Suggestor to see what events we have in our database.
    • If you want to do something that isn't in our database, you will need to gather the following information to set your event up:
      - Carpool location (if applicable), and directions (if not a commonly-used MOC carpool location)
      - Carpool meet time or event meet time (if you have a carpool, the meet time will be determined by the MOC boss)
      - Location of the event and directions for how to get there and find the group.
      - Distance from Maryland to the event (round trip, miles)
      - Do you want to allow dogs on the event? Note that if conditions or regulations do not allow dogs, the MOC boss may override your choice.
      - What is the length of time to complete the event and/or the distance to complete the event?
      - Are there any fees that must be pre-paid for the event? If so, advise the MOC boss, who will help determine the registration cut-off date, and advise on the process for these events.
      - What are attendees recommended to bring with them?
      - What are attendees required (ie. water, lunch, equipment) to bring with them?
      - Itinerary, description of event, links for more information.

  4. Chose the date and time of your event.

  5. E-mail the Event Director, Amy Lipsius, with your event idea and volunteer references (you can just provide the names of your references and the Event Director will follow up on them). The Event Director will provide detailed information about what you need to do, before, during, and after your event, plus information on the whole "starring process" (ie. joining our volunteer team).

  6. When you have upcoming events set up, you will gain access to our Coordinator Manual for more helpful information via a link at the top of your "Coordinate", "Upcoming Events" link. Once you have your star, you will have access to this manual at all times.

  7. After you've done approximately three events, if you'd like to do more, we can add you as a Club Volunteer, at which point you will have access to post your own events, and will be expected to manage your own coordination activities.

  8. The rewards for volunteering are many:
    • Give back to your community (and feel good about yourself)
    • Get to do the activity you want to do, when you want to do it
    • Guaranteed to get on the event
    • Gratitude from the other club members who got to do the activity too!
    • Looks good on your resume
    • Develop greater leadership skills

Event Director Contact Information:
Amy Lipsius