Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jul 20 2003 - "1 Man Allowed" Event (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Angela Grillo, Katie Stofer

Write Up:
The girls of the MOC gathered in Columbia at Brian Loughery's townhome to watch Sex and the City's second, third, fourth, and fifth episodes of the sixth and final season! When we showed up, Brian had the lights dimmed, candles burning, and the smell of flowers throughout the house - just teasing, but had you going for a second. We munched on cookies, chips, and strawberries while the lightweights sipped on water and a few of us had Woodchuck cider.

Anyhow, here is the synopsis of episodes 76, 77, 78, 79:

Sex and the City 76: Great Sexpectations

Despite some steamy public foreplay with Jack, Carrie discovers it's a lot colder between the sheets. Meanwhile, Samantha introduces the girls to a raw foods restaurant that features some hot "takeout" (the waiter), Miranda compares Steve to her new love (TiVo), and Charlotte considers converting to Judaism.

Sex and the City 77: The Perfect Present

Carrie visits Berger's apartment for the first time and discovers his "ex-file." Meanwhile, Charlotte sacrifices pieces of her past as the day of her official conversion to Judaism approaches; a diaper bag-discovery forces Miranda to deal with the reality of Steve's new relationship; and in a bit of role-reversal, Samantha "waits" on Jerry the waiter.

Sex and the City 78: Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little

Carrie and Berger articulate their sentiments for each other, but then she offends him with a "sassy" comment about his novel. Meanwhile, Charlotte gets so carried away preparing her first Sabbath dinner for Harry that she drops the (matzoh) ball; Miranda is liberated by Berger's perspective on dating and men; and Samantha revels in more elaborate role-playing fantasies with Jerry, but can't deal with the real thing.

Sex and the City 79: Lights, Camera, Relationship

Carrie is surprised to find that Berger is cool with a trip to her favorite designer haunt, but cold when it comes to a sudden success. Meanwhile, Charlotte begins for the first time to imagine a future without a man as being "not sad"; Miranda has an unplanned overnighter with Steve; and Samantha uses her PR magic on struggling actor Jerry.

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