Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Dec 21 2008 - Lights of 34th street (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Lisa Falconero, doug hanford
Participants:Lisa Falconero, doug hanford, Ali Badii, Amy Pickwick, Maureen Wingfield, Cary Tepper, Jeff Huesman, Lisa Soule, Joe John, Kevin Yue, Ian Wright, Tracy Ward, Caitlin Kosec, Andrea Kupp, Douglas Boorstein, Craig Sager, Nate Payer, Martin Kerrigan, Nanyun Zhang, Glenn Peddicord, Patrick Haas, Michelle Verser, Lisa S., Aimee Morris, Tara Matlak, Robert Ratts, Sandra Stabler, Cynthia Hildenbrand, Jen A, Joe Caudill, Amy K

Write Up:
The largest MOC event in sometime, 36+ people went off with only a few hitches. Who knew that Holy Frijoles didn't server drinks on Sunday, ok so Andrea did. While waiting in the warmth of Holy Frijoles for the group to arrive, we were told by the bar that we had to wait outside in the cold. So instead of instead of turning into MOCcylces the initial group of about 18 went to see the lights. A special thanks to Sandra for taking the next wave of MOCers to the lights. I took the last of the arrivals around 6:45.
The lights were as impressive as ever, reminding us of a scene from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We then went back to Cafe Hun for chance to warm-up and having some food served by old ladies in bright wigs. Unfortunately we were told that it would be an hour wait. So Glenn and I improvised and found a restaurant that could accommodate us. 18 of us then went to Fraisers for a nice, although slow, meal. The three who went back to Holy Frijoles, and you know who you are, shame shame shame spending money at a place that kicked us out on the streets.......

- Doug & Lisa


  1. More photos posted on Flickr by Douglas

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