Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Aug 23 2003 - Inline Skate, Bike, Run or Walk & Lunch (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kimberly Emmick, Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Kimberly Emmick, Vladimir Konstantinov, Rob, paul jan, Jim Powell, Adam Miller, Patrick Campion, Whitney Morlock, Devi Koung, Joanne Milne, Gene Young, Julia Sopha Balunis

Write Up:
This once postponed event due to scattered humid/rainy conditions in the area, was met with the most beautiful of days. About 75% of of us inline skated, while two brought bikes and the rest either walked or ran the Lake's many looping, paved trails.

I think our most in shape inline skater made it around the lake about 10 times, while I made it around the lake once on skates and a second time on foot. Those on bike went further to explore areas just beyond the park boundaries.

We exercised for about an hour and a half, well some of us did - the others (like me) waited for the late arrivals - including one of our Event Organizers, ah-hem, Kim. :-P

The event went over well, and afterward was followed up at R.J. Bentley's in downtown College Park, the weekend the first UMD student arrivals and lots of seasonal traffic was due back. I think there were about 15 of us at lunch, including 4 people that only showed up for the grub, but not the first part of the event.

Afterward, instead of going home, I went golfing at Paint Branch Golf Course about a mile away. I was a little bit red in the face by the end of the day - from the sun, of course.

I think there is some interest for additional inline skating events in the future. Watch for them!

--Amy Pickwick

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