Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Oct 4 2008 - Mod. Hike Kelly's Run/ Tucquan Glen (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): John Fogle
Participants:John Fogle, michael thomey, Nils Olson, Beverly Hoeftman, Rich Burner, maureen maier, Steve, Saki Saki, Scotia Mortensen, Norma Broadwater, Tom Reichelderfer, Joe John

Write Up:
Weather could not have been better Saturday for the ever-popular Kelly’s Run hike as 14 MOCers gathered at Holtwood picnic grounds in Lancaster County , PA.

After dropping off the shuttle vehicles at trail’s end, we made introductions and started the trek. The trail began by winding through the woods behind the picnic grounds and soon came alongside Kelly’s Run, a pretty little tributary of the Susquehanna River . As we moved downstream, more and more rhododendron and hemlock appeared on either side of the ravine. Large rock formations towered above us and boulders in the stream formed numerous little cascades.

After a couple of pleasant miles and three easy stream crossings, Kelly’s Run emptied into the Susquehanna and it was time to start Phase II of the hike: a steady climb northward on the Conestoga trail paralleling the river toward a feature known as “The Pinnacle”. As we climbed the final meters to The Pinnacle shortly after 12 noon, those of us in the lead were a bit puzzled to hear the repetitive thump-thump of someone’s subwoofer. A large, rather boisterous group was picnicking there --The Pinnacle is accessible by road as well as by trail and this group had driven in. They were evidently unconcerned that their loud music might not be appreciated by others, and in any case were taking up most of the picnic tables.

Fortunately we had a Plan B for lunch break: By continuing on the trail just a short distance, we were able use a large rock outcropping just below The Pinnacle. It was plenty large enough for our group, sufficiently far away from the noisy revelers, and had as good a view as that from any picnic table. The Susquehanna River, as well as a fair chunk of neighboring York County, spread out below us. Small boats plied the waters and turkey vultures soared on the thermals.

After a leisurely lunch break, we resumed our northward course. At first the trail descended sharply, but then rose again, albeit at a much gentler rate. Eventually we descended once more and arrived at the mouth of Tucquan Creek, at which point it was time to turn inland and head upstream. The ravine and creek here are quite similar to Kelly’s Run and at least as pretty. More rhododendron, hemlock, rock formations, and cascades greeted us. The creek’s water level had been replenished by rain the preceding week, allowing for a very scenic walk. After following the creek for perhaps a mile and a half, we arrived at trail’s end and our shuttle vehicles.

Thanks to all who participated and enjoyed this combination of beautiful scenery and outstanding weather!

-- John Fogle

Photos -- courtesy of Saki S.

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