Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Sep 5 2008 - A River Trickles Over It (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Bryan Frank, Deanna Shapiro, Rachel Evans
Participants:Cynthia Hildenbrand, Chuck Hildenbrand, Jen A, Bryan Frank, Joe John, Christie Provins, Rachel Evans, guest, Douglas Boorstein, John Meagher, Amy K, Van Phu, Rich Burner, Sarah Greenblatt, Justin Orr, Janine Yieh, Brian O'Neill

Write Up:
Thirteen miles, thirteen miles,
Thirteen miles onward,
All in the eye of Hanna
Braved the seventeen.
"Forward, the Outdoor Club!
"Charge for the campsite!" he said:
All in the eye of Hanna
Hiked the seventeen.

"Forward, the Outdoor Club!"
Was there a hiker dismay'd?
Even tho' the hikers knew
The hurricane had arrived:
Their's not to make reply,
Their's not to reason why,
Their's but to do and hike:
Into the eye of Hanna
Hiked the seventeen.

Torrential downpour to the right of them,
Gale force winds to the left of them,
Hiking trail in front of them
Cold and wet;
Storm'ed at with rain and wind,
Boldly they hiked and well,
Into the park of Shenandoah,
Into the eye of Hanna,
Hiked the seventeen.

Flash'd all their hiking poles and ponchos,
Flash'd as they huddled under the pavilion,
Loading up on food and drink for the trail,
Charging up mountains and down valleys, while
All the world wonder'd:
Plunged into a heavy fog,
Right thro' the storm they hiked;
Jones Run Falls and Doyle's Run Falls
Swollen from the hurricane gloriously cascaded
Finally behind the storm; sunny but windy,
They hiked back, up up
Up the long ascent back to camp.

Deanna's amazing cooking to the right of them,
Bottles of wine and beer to the left of them,
Hiking trail behind them.
Tired but happy
The hikers passed the evening away around the campfire.
While some had bailed on the hike
The others had hiked so well
Came thro' the eye of Hanna
Back from jaws of a hurricane,
All that was left of them,
Left of the seventeen.

When can their experience fade?
O the wild weekend they had!
All the Outdoor Club stunned.
Enjoyed the hike they had,
Enjoy the story they get to tell,
Brave seventeen.

- Bryan

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