Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, May 18 2008 - Horse Farm Tour Bike Ride (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kim Buhrman, Lucas Fisher
Participants:Kim Buhrman, Lucas Fisher, maureen maier, Angela Solly, Ali Badii

Write Up:
When we left Columbia it was sunny, pleasant, and cool. How much that would later change. We proceeded to caravan up to Hanover, PA where the bike ride was taking place. The drive took us though some very scenic Maryland and Pennsylvania countryside foreshadowing the views from the bike ride to come. After a couple of wrong turns we found the registration pavilion for the bike ride. (Some of the roads are not very well marked in PA.) As we got out of the cars we saw some rain drops collecting on the car and dark clouds approaching. Ali noticed this and decided it wasn't worth riding in the rain and headed home. Kim was going to do the 10 mile ride with her son, but he weighed being drenched and cold on his bike, and playing video games at the grandparent's house. For some reason, the latter won out.

As we registered at the pavilion the rain started pouring down, but we waited and it let up. We took off down the road on our bikes soon to be greeted by sight after sight of mother horse and her colt grazing in fields of brilliantly green grass and clover. We passed a barn and from within a number of horses stood watching us ride by. It was like they were seeking refuge from the rain and looking out in anticipation of the rain showers to come. For the first part of the ride we encountered scattered light showers, but that changed in the latter half. We stopped for a break and a heavy shower passed over us providing our first drenching. It subsided and we continued biking only to catch right back up with the cloud. At this point one could rightly wonder if Kim's son was much smarter than us. The bike route turned away from the cloud, and we hoped, away from the rain, but that was not to be. It rained for the rest of the ride. Luckily the Hanover Cyclers were waiting at the pavilion with fruit, cookies, hot dogs, brownies, more cookies, and towels. Of course, it cleared up not long after we arrived back at the pavilion. Even so, Kim invited us back to her house to warm up and dry off. There is definitely nothing like riding in the rain and we proudly made it the whole way.

The Hanover Cyclers put on a great cycling event. The bike route took us through some beautiful parts of PA. It was apparent they made an effort to choose a route that took us through different types of countryside and the city of Hanover. And seeing it in the rain did not detract from that.

- Lucas

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