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Fri, Jun 13 2008 - Camping at Cordorus SP (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Glenn Peddicord, Kevin Yue
Participants:Glenn Peddicord, Kevin Yue, Tamara Y., Tracey Wagner, Paul Huang, Chris Rusco, Alex Shaller, Ali Badii, Leo Seung, Amy Hatfield, KATHY BUNDENS, RICK FLOOK, Aimee Morris, Patrick Haas, Natalie Morales, Ian Hendricks, Delee Smith

Write Up:
It was a great weekend! Glenn arrived at the campground early and had most of the central gathering place set up by the time the carpool people arrived. Getting up there on Friday night, we were able to have a good campfire going and had a scrumptious dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and pasta salad. Pat had brought some special ingredients for the fire, turning the flames blue (now what element will burn blue? Hint: it's a metal used as part of an alloy to make a US coin!).

We all had a good night's rest and then the next morning, Kevin made up a pot of coffee and there was a breakfast of eggs, toast, fruit, milk, juice, and more! After cleanup, a group of the MOC'ers went hiking on the Mary Ann Furnace Trail. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the furnace that was the namesake, but the short hike was good. Once we got back from the hike, the group got ready for another activity at the park: Kayaking! Glenn had reserved some kayaks and the group went out on the lake, seeing quite a few things, including a catfish with some interesting "markings" on it. Some of us even went for a swim and the water so clear, you could see 4-5 feet down. Coming back from the kayak trip, the group settled in for dinner. The "hobo dinner" was made up of sweet Italian sausage, chicken sausage that had mozzarella cheese, artichokes, and garlic, vegetables, and seasonings. (In some of the diners' dinners, adult beverages were used to enhance the flavor of the food!) Just as people were starting to put their foil-wrapped dinners into the fire, the clouds opened up and we were rained on for a few minutes. This didn't damper anyone's spirits as we all had some delicious and wonderful smelling food! Dinner was soon followed by an apple cobbler, made from scratch, cooked in a Dutch oven, and served with vanilla ice cream (thanks to Leo for slicing the apples and Amy for helping to mix up the ingredients). Leo and Tracey couldn't wait, as Kevin was told over and over, for the ice cream! Though the heat was being turned up throughout the day and had a bit of "liquid sunshine" for a while, the day ended well with some more blue flame and some dancing around the fire by Glenn while Aimee's MP3 player gave him some rhythm to dance to!

Sunday rolled around and after a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, coffee, juice, and fruit, the group cleaned up and a few group pictures were taken down on the dock at the boat launch. Nine of us stayed and played 18 holes of Frisbee golf. After Frisbee Golf we went to Isaac's Deli and had a nice meal before saying our goodbyes and wrapping up the weekend.

We may not have touched upon everything that everyone did, but we hope this is a good introduction to Cordorus State Park in Hanover, PA, and its many activities! There is a lot there that we weren't able to get to because of such a short weekend, but who wants to go next time?

- Kevin & Glenn

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