Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, May 17 2008 - Spring Picnic & Field Day (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Stacy Murphy
Participants:Stacy Murphy, Kevin Yue, Chris B., Glenn Peddicord, KC Yi, Sandra Stabler, Rick Z, Amy K, Ali Badii, Colin Babb, Nicole Miklus, Dan DeVries, Shannon Knight, doug hanford, Jen A, Rick Vallance, Nils Olson, Paul Huang, Dee Ritterpusch, Lee Ritterpusch, stephen pheiffer, Paula Singer, Scotia Mortensen, Michael Scarpignato, H. Tran, Andrea Myrick, Teresa Wismer, Patrick Lidji, Kim Hirose, Camille Browder, Day Barth, Ravi Saxena, Kim Little, Jennifer Pipino, Tim Hirrel, Sorina Eftim, Mike Scott, Lois Tuttle, Leslie Jenkins, Bryan Frank, Scotia Mortensen, Day Barth, Adam Stoskis, Kavita Kalsy, Erica Levy, Joe John, Lucas Fisher, Joy Leah Sisson, Lisa Falconero, Maureen Wingfield, Olakunle Omolabi, Amy Pickwick, Nicki, Rachel Evans, Damien Nickle, Deanna Shapiro, Sharon Rogillio, Derek Rogillio, Paul Brown, John Meagher, kimberly glasgow, Stacy Murphy

Write Up:
Wow, I can't remember the last time I had this much fun at a picnic. MOCers began to trickle in at 12:00. Our top chef Chris Bowers grilled up some delicious hot dogs, burgers and sausages around noon. After lunch, we held a number of wacky field day events. Many of the participants experienced the thrill of victory while others encountered the agony of defeat. What ever the outcome, each of the participants gave their all in true MOC fashion. A brief ceremony was held where field event winners received awards. Next, most of the picnic goers headed over to the field for a pick-up kickball game. It was a friendly game with a lot of laughter.

Event Winners included

Day Barth- Basketball Free Throws
Kim Hirose -Loop Hoop Marathon
Damien Nickle -Dart Toss

All in all, great food, great people, and GREAT WEATHER! Thank you everyone who volunteered to help out . Especially Chris Bowers - our grill master, Glen Peddicord- athletic equipment, Kevin Yue &, Nils Olson - Sign-in, and Sandra Stabler- field day event promotional assistant!

- Stacy, MOC Social Coordinator


There are so many photos of this event, I have decided to post links to them so you can view them all. To view, please click on the names. No guarantee that the links will remain for the long term, but here they are:

  1. Photos posted by Glenn Peddicord
  2. Photos posted by Amy Kehring
  3. Photos posted by KC Yi
  4. Photos posted by Chris Bowers
I also want to thank the many un-named people that pitched in to help setup for the event and cleanup after the event.

- Chris Bowers, MOC Historian

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