Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Jun 28 2003 - Kayak in Gunpowder Falls State Park (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Bill Evans
Participants:Bill Evans, Trent Cooper, Rebecca Firoved, Ryan Meadows, Gina Vachino, David Evans, Laura Loughery, MJ Rosovitz, kathleen curry, Kristen Buck, Brian Loughery, Allan Shkor, Colleen Joyce, Laura Hustead, Chitra Krishnan, Meredith Gibb, Jesse Allen, Ronit Fix, Maria Maranto Dickey, Keira Wickliffe, Aaron Firoved, Dave Onuschak, Colin Babb, Amy Pickwick, Mark Zawodny, Allison Nugent, KC Yi, Cheryl Lynn Jenkins, Dennis Baba, Rob

Write Up:
Meeting up at Ultimate Watersports at Gunpowder Falls State Park* - Hammerman Area, we were all given brief instructions on where to go once out in the water and how to paddle. We were then given the option to either go solo or tandem (each person's choice) and everyone chose to go solo in their sit-on-top sea kayaks! This was an excellent event for someone brand new to kayaking and the weather was perfect - nice, sunny, hot!

*At 16,000 acres, Gunpowder Falls is the largest state park in Maryland.

We began out by kayaking off to the right on the Gunpowder River at an in-between tide, which took us up Cunninghill Cove. The cove was still/flat water, calm, and very marshy. At times, you had to go either single or double-track through - it was pretty narrow. Mark and a few others were playing bumper-kayaks along the way. The best part was reaching the end and having 33 people turn their kayaks completely around in the narrow cove without bumping into one another or the grasses, or bopping each other in the head with our paddles.

After we completed this mini-trip over about an hour of paddling - we headed back to shore to eat our packed lunches, take a break, and share stories. But, not before too long, everyone was hopping back into their kayaks and hitting the river again - this time, most of us went to the left. We went to go check out another cove to the left of the beach. Turns out the tide was too low for us to all venture back in there, so only a couple did. The rest of us just paddled around on the river, taking swim breaks with the challenge of getting back onto the kayaks from a dead stop in the middle of the river (some of the swim breaks were unintentional - like Aaron's & Trent's), paddling out to a buoy/marker in the middle of the river, and a large group of people all connected together and just floated with the tide/current for an hour - going much further down the shore than they had intended. Aaron attempted to use his upper body strength to pull the massive group of kayaks back to shore - but that didn't go as he'd hoped.

Rob's Emotion kayak ended up having to be towed back into shore, it had taken on so much water, he couldn't keep it afloat while on it. So, he paddled back in on one of the girl's kayaks, while two girls rode back to shore on a solo kayak. Ultimate Watersports hooked Rob up for next time! Brian also had a similar dilemma, as his kayak kept tipping from the weight of the water it took on, also an Emotion kayak.

After about 4 hours of paddling, we all were sunburnt and tired. Many stayed and played football or Frisbee toss, until the Frisbee was tossed into the river and never found. (See photos of us searching the bottom of the beach for the Frisbee).

When the games died down after about an hour of play, 14 of us went to the Avenue at White March for Chili's - frosty cold beverages and warm food sounded really good to top off an already awesome event.

Look for another event currently getting planned for Ultimate Watersports in August. Details will appear online if and when this is planned. (It will include a bonfire, camping, etc).

KC & Kathleen - thank you for your additional photos!
Keira - thank you for your additional event details!

--Amy Pickwick

P.S. If anyone attended this day, or organized this event (hint, hint), please send me your write-ups to include on this page! I like getting as many points of view as possible.

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