Maryland Outdoor Club
Wed, Mar 5 2008 - Not your Mother's Bingo III (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): doug hanford
Participants:doug hanford, Cynthia Hildenbrand, Amanda Hasuly, David Ullrich, Joy Leah Sisson, Nate Payer, kimberly glasgow, Tyler Link, Jen A, Paula Singer, Katti Robichaud, Shaila Kulkarni

Write Up:
If you didnt make it to Bingo part III, and sadly based on the attendance a lot of didn't, you missed: B8, B8 the (censored) number, B9, B9 my tumor is benign, O69, O69 the House number, "Holy Sh__ Bingo", Tia in all her glory serving drinks, The Andrew Sister in boxers and tighty whites meets Slash, and 8 MOCers having an excellent time. Now see aren't you all jealous? See you next time,

- Doug "Holy Sh__ Bingo" Hanford

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