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Sat, Mar 1 2008 - Catoctin Mountain Tri-Leader Hike (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Cindy Stone, Norma Broadwater, Saki Saki
Participants:Saki Saki, Norma Broadwater, Joe John, KC Yi, Sandra Stabler, Cynthia Hildenbrand, Chuck Hildenbrand, Kevin Yue, Chris B., Rachel Evans, Ali Badii, Dee Ritterpusch, Amy Pickwick, Kate Nielan, Jennifer Storch, maureen maier, Michelle Dacey, Van Phu, Cindy Stone, Chris Rusco, Alice Chan, Brendan Basmajian

Write Up:
Back in December 2007, Cindy was scheduled to co-lead a hike in Catoctin Mountain Park. Unfortunately, her event ended up getting canceled. She was still wanting to sponsor this event but not as the sole leader. This is where I came in. I thought I would make a good co-leader. I discussed the event with my partner in crime, Norma, who was also agreeable to helping co-lead the hike. Three leaders? Why not? Some say two is better than one, therefore, by inductive reasoning, three must be better than two...right?

I first met Cindy on May 7, 2006. For both of us, that was our first Maryland Outdoor Club hike. We hit it off quite well. Thus, when she recently asked if I'd be willing to help her lead this event, I was eager since I felt she had many qualities that would make a fine co-leader. Hence, in early February 2008, the three of us scouted the route. Check out Catoctin Mountain Tri-leader scout

Now that we knew our route, the next question was what to call the event. Let's see...Norma and I led the Pax Tri-Event, then I led the Tri-State Hike. With three leaders, why not call our event the Catoctin Mountain Tri-Leader Hike?

We wrote up the event description then submitted it for posting only two weeks prior to the actual event. In about a day and a half, our event was full with 25 people signed up. Of course we had some cancellations but with Cynthia's help, I managed to get us back to full capacity.

On the morning of Saturday, March 1, 2008, Cindy met folks at the park, Norma met people at the Grosvenor Metro, and I met people at the Columbia Park and Ride. Three leaders...three meeting locations.

The forecast that day called for "Partly sunny, with a high near 43; breezy, with a west wind between 17 and 22 mph, with gusts as high as 34 mph." That meant a perceived wind chill temperature of about 30 degrees! Quite cold but at least we would stay dry.

Our event commenced. I mentioned a little bit about the history of the area and the origin of the word "Catoctin." It came from the native American tribe, the "Kittoctons," who once lived at the foot of the mountains near the Potomac River. I prepared some historical and geologic information to pass onto the group at each stopping point. I warned them they would be tested. Failure was not an option.

All the participants introduced themselves, stating their names, something they do well, and something they do poorly. I quickly learned that we had a very bilingual group after some claimed that they spoke French well, spoke Russian poorly, etc. We had folks who spoke German, Russian, French, Chinese, Persian, Japanese, and Korean.

There were several new faces. Cindy, Norma, and I (with dinosaur names Proto-Cindy-tops, Tri-norma-don, and Saki-saurus Rex) made an effort to chat with everyone, at least briefly. It was interesting how many in our group led other outdoor activities in the club. Both Chris B. and Amy were leading hikes the next day. I know Joe, Cynthia, Chuck, and KC were also trip leaders.

Twenty two of us were off and hiking at 0930. Cindy led us heading east along the pristine Hunting Creek for about a mile. We headed north on the trail towards Chimney Rock. Chris R. showed up late (better than never) but managed to catch up with us which brought our count to 23.

Norma, with map in hand, led the group up the first big ascent which turned out to be an ass-kicker for some...but not for Chuck and Sandra despite the fact that they brought packs full of overnight camping gear to physically prepare themselves for an upcoming backpacking trip. Hardcore all the way!

A little later, KC showed up, bringing our count to 24!

Our first scenic view was Chimney Rock at 1419 feet above sea level. Unlike our scouting trip, visibility was very

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