Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Jun 20 2008 - The Longest Day Camping (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Jen A, Sandra Stabler
Participants:Jen A, Sandra Stabler, Deanna Shapiro, Chuck Hildenbrand, Carrie Graff, John Ciezki, Bryan Frank, Nate Payer, Maureen Wingfield, Kimberly Engle, Clement Hey, Kimberly Hengbuoy, Joe John

Write Up:
Well, we did it! Old Rag and White Oak in one day!

One might think that we're a little crazy (okay, more than a little) but to paraphrase George Mallory, we did it because they were there and connected by a fire road.

Big Meadows was our base camp for the weekend. The rangers seemed to take a liking to us, since they stopped by our campsite a few times on Friday night to say "hi" and something about quiet hours. Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for coffee, food, and carpooling. Apparently, coffee does not taste good when salt is added but any co-organizer could have easily made that mistake.

And so, we headed out to set up the carpool. We dropped off three cars at the White Oak Trailhead, and then piled into the remaining three cars to head to Old Rag. Upon hearing our plans, the ranger seemed disbelieving of our intent (and sanity) but he gladly posed with us for a "before" picture. We tackled the rock scramble first and enjoyed some lunch at the top of the mountain, before heading down the mountain to the Berry Hollow Fire Road which leads to the White Oak parking lot. In a stroke of genius planning, we left Gatorade in the cars along with some Sun Chips and contraband Doritos - all of which were welcomed by the hungry hikers.

Next up, White Oak! We headed up the trail and were welcomed with a downpour of rain. Near the end of the hike, we asked ourselves the age-old question: Is it better to walk underneath a bear in a tree, or wait for him to come down out of the tree? We opted for the walk underneath, albeit at a fast pace, and left the bear to happily munch on whatever snack he brought up to the tree with him. Bryan and Chuck took some time to frolic at the water slides (brave men, since the rain had cooled off the temperature). With the end in sight, there was a rare sighting of a red-spotted newt and then, just like that, we were done. There was much rejoicing and groaning in the parking lot, another group shot, and then we piled into the cars to head back to the campsite where we gorged ourselves on campfire pizzas, salad, and smores before crawling into our tents. A most excellent day!

Sunday was a far more relaxing day for the tired (and sore) hikers. We enjoyed eggs a la Deanna, with bacon and bagels, before breaking down camp and heading our respective ways.

We'd like to thank people for joining us on this crazy weekend and (warn them to) get ready for next year's "The Longest Day 2: The Real Deal."

- Jennifer, Sandra, & Deanna

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