Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Feb 9 2008 - Diff hike- Big Schloss (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Sandra Stabler, Rachel Evans
Participants:Rachel Evans, Sandra Stabler, Guest, Bryan Frank, KC Yi, michael thomey, Deanna Shapiro, Jen A, Jason Dickey, Maria Maranto Dickey

Write Up:
Any other group would have been defeated by forgetting the bare necessities, a flat tire, and road closings. However, we were so full of positive energy that nothing could stop us from having a great time. At first we were discouraged about having to add four miles to an already difficult hike, but Zen Master Deanna taught us all how to grab the chi by the horns, harness the positive energy, and start the day off with a strenuous climb and absolutely no complaining. Thanks to our yoga experts, Sandra and Michael, we recovered quickly with a few sun salutations and downward facing dogs before embarking on an even harder and longer climb. After a well deserved lunch, we were all relieved to learn that the "castle" was only five miles away. Although some participants were disgruntled by the warm weather, abundant streams, and rocks in the trails, we passed the positive energy ball around and pushed through. In the end there was so much positive energy floating around that Sarven forgave us for taking so long, and some people swear they even saw John smile! The organizers would like to thank everyone who participated for their patience, flexibility, and willingness to help. We couldn't have asked for a better group. Thank you all!

- Rachel & Sandra

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