Maryland Outdoor Club
Wed, May 28 2003 - Free Clinic on Camping Supplies (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Brian Loughery, Lori Simpson, Rose Selcer, Tony Tubiolo, Dave Michaels, Rebecca Firoved, Debbie Haggart, Ryan Meadows, Martin Acadieus, Laura Paszkiewicz, Jason Craver, Kristen Buck

Write Up:
In this nearly two hour long, FREE, and public clinic, REI's expert, Mal Fordham, discussed equipment for both car/family camping and backpacking purposes - tents, sleeping bags, food, stoves, water purfication, clothing, the "10 essentials," and camping with kids. I think many of our members really gained a better perspective on how to extend the life of their equipment and how to pick out the equipment that is best for their needs, activity, and weather.

Mal answered many questions, and even covered the topics of "critters/bear-bagging" and "staying warm & dry" to great lengths. You could tell Mal knew from years of experience and a lot of reading that the information he was teaching us was absolutely the best information we could get.

After the seated presentation was over, we walked around the store while Mal showed us several pieces of equipment. We also took home several hand-outs - enabling us to review and digest some of the most important information when we are ready to implement it! (Thank you REI)!

If you missed this clinic, there is a TON of info in REI's online Learn & Share portion of their web site. Also, if you are new to outdoor equipment, don't ever feel ashamed to approach an REI employee - they won't sell you on something you don't need and they will make sure you do end up buying the best piece of equipment for your needs. They really know their stuff.

If you have a topic that you would like REI to cover, please feel free to e-mail me, Amy Pickwick, and I will attempt to coordinate the clinic with one of the two Maryland stores.

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