Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Jan 26 2008 - Gwynns Falls Fire & Smores (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Nate Payer, Sandra Stabler
Participants:Holli Perdas, Steve Wechsler, Diane Wechsler, Stacy Murphy, Katie Stofer, Jen A, Nate Payer, Sandra Stabler, Jennifer Zanni, Mark Coulbourne, Patrick Haas, Robert Ratts, Joe John, Lil Adams, Cynthia Hildenbrand

Write Up:
The cold, cloudy skies of late January were no deterrent for our caravan on the way to our retreat at the abandoned battlements of the Jastrow girl scout camp high atop the Gwynns Falls Valley in Southwest Baltimore.

The hidden treasure, unknown to most MOCers was pleasant diversion to a frigid Saturday. The remnants of the snowstorm over a week earlier were everywhere here on our snowy ascent up the hills. Although the stars were nowhere to be gazed upon, we all settled down after Bambi (Lord Joe) and I stoked the fire from only one piece of “bark” that may or may not have been set after I made a personal, skyward request that lightening strike the fire pit. The “Great Ones” were benevolent and we proceeded to prepare for the sacrificial segment of our retreat where the Club requires us to put forth a new member for the Rite of Youthful Rejuvenation (generally referred to as “ROYOR”). Co-priest(ess) Sandra obtained the elusive grate needed for cooking of the new member over the fire pit. But in a coup, elder officials Stacy and Cynthia blocked the fire from a sacrifice by withholding the necessary cups for the imbibing of the sobering, herbal mead.

Thus, a new tradition was born: in lieu of virgin members, we would perform ROYOR using chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. The only exception would be if the person was a girl scout or had more than a certain number of domesticated carnivores (a concession given to me). However the “Great Ones” may have been disappointed and I was subsequently burned by the fire later that evening.

Other “roundfire” discussion included uses and (mis)applications of shovels, evil vine extermination, senseless submersion into freezing water, soft hands, Felis cattus deformicus, knuckle sandwiches, and forming a new political party involving the kicking of ball towards another group of people.

The return in the dark back down the hill resulted in no casualties. Congratulations and warm regards to new member Holli Perdas who traveled all the way from Williamsport, MD to be sacrificed—I mean to eat smores. A splendiferous time had by all!

-Nate & Sandra

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