Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jan 20 2008 - Take It to the Limit! (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Norma Broadwater
Participants:Norma Broadwater, Nate Payer, Ali Badii, Jen A, Saki Saki, Emilio Ungerfeld

Write Up:
When the German cultural center, where I work, chose to include a rock-climbing documentary in its film festival, the MOC sprang to mind as a group that would appreciate some of the finer points of the sport. Relying on the tastes of my colleagues who'd seen the film, To the Limit (Am Limit), I organized this event.

I believe I was just as awed as my fellow filmgoers with the way the film managed to capture the extreme athleticism and sense of living life on the edge that the two Huber brothers embody. The fact that they did not beat the speed record for climbing the Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite while this film was being made (although they went back last fall and managed to do so) allowed the film to focus on how they work to overcome their fears and focus on being the best they can be. In the end, the internal struggles and humanness of these two world-renowned climbers was a lesson that perseverance in the face of your fears will allow you to accomplish more than you think possible.

After the screening, the seven of us speedwalked up to the street to Gordon Biersch, where we enjoyed tasty food like garlic fries and German-style beer while we discussed the movie and recovered from its more gripping moments. We expanded our group to include a couple of my colleagues and a member of another outdoor club who was lost, and all in all I think we had an entertaining evening. Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and the metro delays to come out!


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