Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Feb 2 2008 - Groundhog Day at the National Zoo (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Beverly Hoeftman
Participants:KC Yi, Tyler Link, Shaila Kulkarni, Holli Perdas, Carrie Shanks, Kara Schmid, Dave Hurka, Cary Tepper, Lisa Methratta, Rebekah Lamoree, Jim Polfer, Linda Werner, Patrick Haas, Scotia Mortensen, Solveig Mortensen, Can Kilic, Robert Ratts, Craig Sager, Tom Reichelderfer, Mary Frances McAndrews, michael thomey, Erika Olander, John Meagher, dana krivogorsky

Write Up:
Thanks to everyone arriving at the Grosvenor Metro on time, those us us train-pooling avoided the worst of Metro's maintenance-related delays, and met the rest of the group on time. Following introductions, we set forth along the Asia Trail. An early highlight was the friendly-faced sloth bear, who was watching the crowd as intently as we watched him.

Further down the path, several group members watched a pair of orangutans enjoying grapes tossed to them by a zoo staffer. Those who took in the interior exhibits observed monkeys mating. Upon reaching the Invertebrates, we were pleased to find the Pacific Octopus was out clinging to the aquarium rocks, rather than hiding inside them (as it had on all my previous visits). We also enjoyed the cuttlefish, which changed the color and pattern of its skin several times as we watched.

The Reptile House highlight was the mating of a pair of large tortoises, and their subsequent interruption, possibly by a jealous rival. Passing through the Kid's Zoo, we witnessed more drama, as three young goats vied for domination of their plastic bridge.

The day's only disappointment was finding the Bird House has closed several minutes before our arrival. The last entry to the building occurred 15 minutes earlier than the time mentioned on the map. As a consolation prize, we had a look at the bird in the exterior enclosures. In the process, we were treated to several performances of The Flamingo Chorus. Soon after, the Zoo closed, and our small band of primates dispersed to our individual habitats.

- Beverly

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