Maryland Outdoor Club
Wed, Jun 11 2003 - Free Clinic on Local Hikes (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Kim Kidwell, Devi Koung, Ed Raymond, Gretchen Sparkman

Write Up:
In this nearly two hour presentation, Mal Fordham provided brochures regarding some relatively close and popular hikes in the DC area, and also passed around some official PATC maps to spotlight the AT and Shenandoah National Park hikes that are his favorites.

A couple of annual hiking/outdoors events were mentioned, including "Juneteenth" at Greenbelt National Park on June 21st where the Boy Scouts will be providing camping presentations, and there will be other information tables, re-enactments, etc. throughout the day. In addition, he mentioned the "Cherry Pie Hike" that takes place annually in Greenbrier State Park on President's Day Weekend.

Mal touched on the "10+ essentials" (map, compass, extra clothing, extra food & water, first aid kit, headlamp, matches, firestarter, knife, sunglasses, sunscreen, water treatment, whistle, rope, food storage, mirror) for day hiking and also gave us the recipe for getting water digested into your system faster when dehydrated on the trail. 2 tbsps sugar + 1/2 tsps salt to 1 liter of water will enable your body to absorb and use the water much faster than drinking the water alone. This is to be used in emergency situations on the trail. You can make the powder mixture and carry a couple ziploc baggies of it when you go hiking, in case you ever come across someone in trouble. It works because normally it takes 15 minutes or so for your body to add the necessary additives to the water in order for your body to be able to use it - this way the water comes with the additives already in it.

Here are a list of the hikes that Mal overviewed:

Within one hour drive from REI - College Park
  1. Greenbelt National Park
  2. Anacostia Tributary Trail System
  3. WB&A Recreational Trail
  4. Rock Creek Park (PATC Map N)
  5. MD/VA's Potomac Gorge Area (/PATC Map D)
    1. Billy Goat Trail, Northern Section
    2. Billy Goat Trail, Middle Section
    3. Billy Goat Trail, Southern Section
    4. River Trail
    5. C&O Canal, Georgetown to Cumberland (not on Map D)
    6. Matildaville Trail
    7. Gold Mine Trail
  6. Cabin John Trail (PATC Map D)
Within two hour drive from REI - College Park
  1. Appalachian Trail - Harper's Ferry to PenMar, MD (PATC Maps 5 & 6)
    1. Annapolis Rock (nice view, rock climbing)
    2. Greenbrier State Park
    3. Washington Monument State Park
    4. Gathland State Park
    5. Weverton Cliffs (great view)
  2. Other Maryland Areas (PATC Maps 5 & 6)
    1. Maryland Heights
    2. Catoctin Mountain Park
      - Catoctin Trail
    3. Cunningham Falls State Park
    4. Gambrill State Park
    5. Loudon Heights Trail (PATC Map 7)
  3. Northern Virginia
    1. Loudon Heights Trail (PATC Map 7)
    2. Appalachian Trail - Harper's Ferry to Shenandoah National Park (PATC Maps 7 & 8)
    3. Sky Meadows State Park and G. Richard Thompson WMA (PATC Map 8) (birding)
  4. Shenandoah National Park - North District (PATC Map 9)
    1. Matthews Arm Elkwallow Area
    2. Matthews Arm Trail - Overall Run Trail - Beecher-Overall Trail (nice swimming hole)
    3. Elkwallow Wayside Area
    4. Knob Mountain Trail - Jeremy's Run
  5. Shenandoah National Park - Central District (PATC Map 10)
    1. Hazel Country
    2. Corbin Cabin Cutoff Trail - Nicholson Hollow Trail
    3. Nicholson Hollow Trail - Hot Short Mountain Trail - Hazel Country
    4. Old Rag Mountain (probably the most popular day hike in the park, and one of the most strenuous, tends to be crowded)
    5. White Oak Canyon Trail
    6. White Oak Canyon - Limberlost - Crescent Rock Trail - AT - Cedar Run Trail (strenuous)
    7. Mill Prong Trail - Rapidan Camp
  6. Shenandoah National Park - South District (PATC Map 11)
    1. Brown Mountain Trail - Big Run Portal Trail - Rocky Mountain Run Trail
    2. Big Run Loop Trail - Big Run Portal Trail - Rockytop Trail - Big

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