Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Dec 7 2007 - 6th Annual Holiday Party & Ball (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Ian Wright, Colin Babb, Stacy Murphy
Participants:Ali Badii, Kate Copanic, Amy Pickwick, Kevin Yue, Deanna Shapiro, David Wagner, Chuck Hildenbrand, Stacy Murphy, Mike, John Meagher, Glenn Peddicord, KC Yi, Jen A, Robert Ratts, Kimberly Hengbuoy, Boramy Hengbuoy, Kathy Lomosbog, Nayeli Garcia, Nate Payer, Heidi Slegowski, Eric Slegowski, Patrick Haas, Cynthia Hildenbrand, Keith Ellis, Tressa Ellis, Michael Eppert, Aimee Morris, Jason Dickey, Maria Maranto, Chris Rusco, stephen pheiffer, Clement Hey, Sandra Stabler, Kimberly Engle, Christine Larsen, Jennifer Zanni, Young Kim, Dan DeVries, Melissa Dillon, Jackie Putman, doug hanford, Nathan Rich, Karolina DuBois, Tom DuBois, Rob, Kim Hirose, Tom Reichelderfer, Anne Mannix, Erica Levy, John Putman, Megan Collins, Rivers Lamb, Alex Shaller, Tracey Wagner, Bryan Frank, Adam Miller, Joe John, Jennifer, Dave Aranyi, Andrew Boyle, Tracy Ward Wright, Ian R. Wright, Lutz Rastaetter, kimberly glasgow, Michele Touchet, Parva Fattahi, Kristen Buck, Nick Czeczulin, Rachel Evans, James Petersen, Lora Polowczuk, Carrie Graff, John Ciezki, Dominic Perry

Write Up:
The 6th Annual Holiday Party & Ball was definitely an affair to remember. It was our final time to party with one another before 2008 arrives, and boy did we get our party on!!!

At the event, the MOC wrapped up its sixth year of existence, with a full-scale, banquet-style dinner at the Key West Restaurant & Banquet Facility in Hanover, MD. Several of the attendees stayed the night in the adjoining hotel. A majority of the attendees showed up between 7:30 and 8:00 at Key West. Guests were greeted at the check in table by several gracious volunteer hosts who collected gifts for our House of Ruth adopted family and cash donations for the chesapeak Bay Foundation. There was also a 2007 year-in-review photo display and slide show (thanks to Glenn Peddicord), a cheese & cracker and veggie appetizer, and drinks from the bar. Shortly after, the buffet was open, and the feast began! In the main banquet room, a wonderful assortment of music for all tastes was mixed at the DJ stand by our very own member, Young Kim. Young volunteered his time spending all evening spinning tunes for our event. The dance floor was definately hoping the whole night!

Finally, a special thank you for goes out to Colin Babb for taking the lead in organizing this event and all the other members that volunteered their time to making this event a success!

- Stacy Murphy

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