Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Sep 8 2007 - Mod. Hike at Gunpowder (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): John Putman
Participants:John Putman, doug hanford, Kristen Larson, Tyler Link, Melissa Sheedy, jimmy noble, Sandra Stabler, Can Kilic, Aimee Morris, John Meagher, Felicia James, Bryan Frank, Megan Collins, Janine Yieh, Jackie Putman, Shawn OBrien, Jeremy Hargreaves, Sarah Davis, Rachel Evans, Stacy Murphy, Joe John, Maria Maranto Dickey, Sarah Greenblatt, Doug Coyner, Maureen Wingfield

Write Up:
We had an exceptional turnout for the hike. And why not? It was a b-e-a-utiful morning. Well, it was when we got there. Within and hour or so it was already becoming pretty darn hot. Speaking of pretty darn hot, I'd like to thank Melissa for agreeing to show us her "guns" despite her better judgment. We were all very impressed.

It was a busy day on the Gunpowder River. As we hiked along the river's edge, we saw plenty of anglers up to their knees in water. We also saw a van full of Towson University students on their way to a day of kayaking on the river. There also was a small group of equestrians hoofing it on the trail. Then there was the MOC group - 27 chatty pals enjoying that camaraderie of experiencing nature together. I think we were also scaring the fish. This is obviously a popular area since we had 27 people on the hike and almost as many on the waiting list. Indeed Gunpowder is one of the best places to hike in the area. I'm sure this trip will be offered again. Or better yet, why not organize a hike here yourself?

The Gunpowder South trail was in very good shape. Although the lack of rain recently has left the river level low, it has also left the trail very dry. This made walking the trail a little easier and certainly less messy. The canine hikers didn't need mud to get dirty anyway. Sydney, an Australian Shepherd, spend most of the day jumping in and out of the river. This plan backfired when she jumped into the water at the foot of Prettyboy Dam (not named after Joe John). Poor Sydney got caught up in the roiling drink and couldn't get back out. She doggie paddled helplessly in the churning froth. While the rest of us watched in stunned powerlessness, Jimmy leapt into action. Running from the trail onto the man-made cement "shoreline," Jimmy got to Sydney quickly and hoisted her out of danger. Luckily for all, mouth to mouth resuscitation was unnecessary. When they returned to the group, none the worse for wear, they were greeted with applause and cheers. It was a very dramatic water rescue.

After that excitement, we took a little break and headed back towards the Highland Trail to return to the parking lot. Even with the climb, we made it back to the cars in no time. The dogs and their humans all looked ready for naps by the time we got back.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. If anyone got some pictures, please send them to the MOC Historian.

-John Putman

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