Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Nov 9 2007 - Assateague Backpacking Weekend II (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Colin Babb, KC Yi
Participants:Colin Babb, KC Yi, Sandra Stabler, Kimberly Engle, Clement Hey, Jen A, Kevin Yue, Kathleen Nase

Write Up:
It was really cold and wet on Friday night as we arrived, so some of us decided to sleep in our car (KC's car is, as it always has been, capable of nearly everything asked of it, although there have been better places to sleep), while some broke out their tents at the national park campground. After exploiting yet another of KC's toys--the portable weight measuring device--that measured the weight of everyone's backpack (we had everything from 25 lbs. to 50 lbs.), and admiring the dead ducks in the ranger station, we set off down the beach.

This time we headed for the State Line camp area, which is actually about a mile north of the Virginia border. The day ended up being a little warmer than expected, and thankfully the whole trip was gloriously bug free. It was a good long hike--about 12 miles, give or take. Several ponies where sighted en route, but not too many. The site ended up being basically a spot in the sand near a portapotty. We managed to find a reasonable spot semi out of the worst of the wind, although it blew and blew on Saturday night and kept our fire situation rather interesting. We were lucky to have one since there was little normal wood around to burn, but we managed. As usual, the return seemed a little longer than the trip down, but we probably did it in faster time. We were all fairly sore, so a trip to Outback was looked forward to rather eagerly--especially the canceling of all the calories we had burned during the weekend. But perhaps that's a very zen way to end things by restoring balance...

--Colin Babb

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