Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Jun 6 2003 - Weekend Camping (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Laura Paszkiewicz, Mark Zawodny, Tony Tubiolo, Trent Cooper, Cianna Cooper, Rebecca Firoved, Colin Babb, Ronit Fix, Kristen Buck, Laura Hustead

Write Up:
What an event!

Friday, I packed up my car and headed out of the DC area at about 1 PM. I had 6 bundles of firewood, 20 gallons of water, food for all the campers for five meals including 3 coolers, 8 3-liter sodas, a campstove, dining canopy, huge green box with all our cook gear/MOC supplies in it, and clothing, tents, sleeping bags for two people in my car. It's a wonder my car would move with all that stuff in it. I got the dog in the back seat and was ready to get on the road and I couldn't get my car into reverse (manual) because there was so much stuff piled into the car. I tried getting out and reorganizing the front seat to no avail. As a last resort, I then switched all the stuff in the front seat with the dog and we were soon on our way.

I drove up to Green Ridge State Forest and checked in for our group campsite, arriving at about 3:20 PM. I've never been to this State Forest before, so I was amazed at how big it was and how spread out the campsites were from one another. I guesstimate that our campsite was about 7 miles from the headquarters and we were the closest group campsite of the 7 to the headquarters. This was nearly a 20 minute drive getting back on the highway and using backwoods dirt roads. There are also 100 primitive small (family sized) car camping sites here as well.

As I started to set up camp, I was thankful that we had a creek going through the back of our site so I could cool off my feet. It was hot, humid and very buggy at the site. I also went to inspect the port-a-potty, since I didn't think we would have one provided on the site- it was usable. In a little over an hour, the participants had started to arrive. Trent and Cianna showed up first. After their tent was set up, they helped me with the dining canopy - which really came in handy the next morning. I then went into Cumberland to get cell phone reception, a bite to eat, and some ice. When I got back, Laura H. and Kristen had arrived, and started pitching their tent. Not long after, Colin showed up. Soon, the sun was setting and we started the campfire. Then, I went and waited as nighttime fell at the headquarters for the carpool (Rebecca, Laura P., Mark, and Tony) to guide them back to our site in the dark. Lastly, J.R. and Ronit showed up. Our tents ranged anywhere in size from a 1 person to 6 person tents, I think we had 9 set up in all. As luck would have it, we all got very good spots on high ground for our tents, with the sound of the creek right behind us.

Exhausted from a long day of 'real world' work and the 2+ hour drive, everyone relaxed around the campfire until about 12:30 AM. The dogs decided to chase a frog under my chair. And, because I don't like frogs, the group got quite a chuckle. As the fire died down, we started turning in.

In the middle of the night, many of us awoke to hear the pitter patter of rain on our tents. I think we all rolled our eyes, and went back to sleep knowing what was ahead. The morning soon came, and we had a bird in a distant campsite wake us up to the sound of a car alarm squawk - that just when you thought it was about to stop, it would start up again. Breakfast was then served under the dining canopy, which had also become home to a bug that we couldn't name with a stinger/tail about 5 inches long. We had oranges, bananas, oatmeal, bagels and cream cheese, eggs, bacon, OJ and coffee (utilizing the 'McDonald's hot' water Mark made on the stove). We huddled under the dining canopy as the rain continued to fall. Several times we thought the rain was slowing down to a stop, but it didn't that morning.

During breakfast, Mark reminded me to go down and check the creek for the beer bottles I had secured in there the night before for the two of us. They were fine, but I ended up sliding down the muddy bank into the creek.

Crainium was played in Laura P.'s humongous tent as the rain continued t

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