Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jul 27 2003 - Day Trip to Paramount's King's Dominion (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Rani Gran, Chris Gran, Laura Hustead, Aaron Firoved, Rebecca Firoved, KC Yi, Colin Babb, Young Kim, steve mckeown

Write Up:
With a heat index of 100, we all still ventured south to Paramount's King's Dominion in Virginia for a day of fun in the hot sun! Meeting up at about 10:30 AM at the park, we first started out by heading to Shockwave, a 'stand-up' (versus sit-down) upside down roller coaster. On the way to the park, not only did we find that a majority of the group had never been to PKD before, but Colin was about to experience his first roller coaster ride! It took the 11 of us 3 runs of the ride to make it all on. Next, it was off to Hypersonic, a new ride installed in 2002. Hypersonic does 0 to 80 in 1.8 seconds and does not drop you from a high point, instead it shoots you off at an amazing speed. You go vertical for a second straight up and then back down the other side, vertically. Whew - it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Rani & I were shaking in our shoes. Next, Rebecca & Aaron ventured on the Bungee Swing (Xtreme SkyFlyer) for $15 a person- but, from what we heard, a well-worth-it experience.

At lunchtime, we hit the Wayside for Grilled Burgers. We ate quickly, sharing stories from earlier rides with those that skipped particular ones. We got to hear about Rebecca & Aaron flying like a bird. Next thing you knew, they talked Laura into it, and KC who had been wanting to go, now had a partner to ride with later in the day.

With the heat getting to us, we next hopped on the White Water Canyon ride, and most of us got a little wet, but not the 'soaked' we were expecting. When Mark & Steve showed back up from putting on swim trunks at the water park, about half of us rode the WWC again, while the other half went on the Log Flume one ride over. This time on the WWC, I got 'soaked.' I was the butt of the joke. Then, those of us that went on WWC, hopped on the Log Flume, while others went to watch KC & Laura do the Bungee Swing.

The Hurler, a fairly new wooden roller coaster, done shortly after the filming of Wayne's World, was next. We opted to do the Hurler over the rougher Grizzly that is virtually the same thing. Next came Rebel Yell backward, then Rebel Yell forward. That has to be one of the oldest rides in the park, and is also a wooden roller coaster.

Several of us tried out the all new Drop Zone Stunt Tower, that takes you 305 feet into the air and drops you back to the ground in about 3 seconds. Just when you thought you were nearing the top, you'd look up to see you weren't even halfway. Boy that ride was tall, but the view well worth it. I think several of us were shaking when we exited the ride.

Anaconda came next, and we got Colin to go on his second coaster of the day. Anaconda dipped us into a tunnel beneath a murky lake and took us through several twists and a corkscrew at the end. We attempted to go on Flight of Fear next, the indoor roller coaster - but the line was not moving at all after a wait of 15 minutes.

So, off to Volcano we went. All of us riding in the front seats on 5 runs, we knew this would be the best way to end our 'ride' experience for the day. 4 of our members rounded out the day here, and headed home, the rest of us headed to the Waterworks water park for an hour of fun in the Lazy Rider, Baja Bends, and Big Wave Bay (that had no waves while we were there). We got out just before 8 PM (the time this portion of the PKD park closes) to head to the Pipeline Peak ride- but just as we approached, the announcement came over the radio 5 minutes of 8 that Waterworks was officially closed. Those bastards!!!

As we exited the park, we made sure to make one last vendor stop so Rani could get some cotton candy!

Driving home, we pit stopped at Wendy's the first exit North. Traffic was stop-and-go pretty much the whole way home.

A fun filled day that we look forward to again next year!

--Amy Pickwick

P.S. Thank you KC for your photos!

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