Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Sep 27 2003 - Medieval Times Dinner Theater (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Ian Preuss, Lori Korczynski, Katie Buckley, Melissa Brady, Sara Raimo, Allen Harkness, Mark Zawodny

Write Up:
There exists in this modern world a place where you can experience the adventure and romance of the Middle Ages. A place where you can be transported back to a time where chivalry still reigns. A place where knights battle for their kingdom's honor, while an exceptional feast (soup, bread, chicken, ribs, potato, coffee, soda, apple dessert) is provided in a magnificent setting. From the moment we entered Medieval Times, we were treated like the noblest of Lords and Ladies of the realm. Our royal feast was served as it would have been in these times. We even went sans silverware!

During the show we enjoyed a remarkable display of horsemanship by the majestic Andalusian stallions, and were taken back by the beauty of the bird of prey sweeping ever so gently through the air above us.

The Valiant Knights prepared their centuries-old Tournament of Games. The competition then continued with a thrilling and dangerous jousting event, in which the knights fought to their death. Fearless Knights and heroic horses met in the center of the arena, where we experienced the ultimate test of horsemanship and bravery. The action intensified, as the knights wield mace and sword. Steel clashed with steel in an effort to vanquish their foes. The battle grows as the two warriors fight for the honor of the king and our kingdom. In the end, one Knight stands victorious. The worthy champion restored peace to the Kingdom and earned our adoration.

There is much more to experience and to the story (don't want to give everything away, now would we). So, see the show for yourself. Check out


Several of our attendees decided that this was a best bet for their first MOC event, and 6 people were brand new MOCers. A few of us were originally from Frederick, so we all had something in common to talk about when we showed up.

During the show, Lori had cold soda accidentally spilled down her back as she held her cup behind her for her beverage. And, then Rob spilled beer on her accidentally. Hmm'does this remind me of another past MOC event?

We oddly enough were given the color Green as we entered the castle. As the show unfolded, we cheered for our Green knight, since he won every game in the Tournament of Games, but lost his match at the end when he was the next to last knight killed in the death match.

We were pleasantly surprised that the show lasted over two hours! Might be a while before we do this event again, because of the cost'but next time we hope to get the group discount to pass the lower rate onto you guys!

--Amy Pickwick

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