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Wed, Jun 6 2007 - Wed. PVSP After Work Workout (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): No Coordinators Found
Participants:Sandra Stabler, Rachel Evans, Joe John, Mike, Larry Williams, michael thomey, Melissa Sheedy, jimmy noble

Write Up:
Nine happy hikers left the Patapsco Valley State Park swinging bridge parking lot promptly at 6:00 pm venturing out on a lovely 5.28 miles after work workout hike. We initially got slowed down by a group of geriatrics walking with their guide from the DNR. Agility and youth were on our side as we quickly jumped around them as we hopped from rock to rock crossing the Cascade Falls stream. We continued up the hill and along the Cascade Falls Trail which led us to the Morning Choice Trail, and eventually returning on the Ridge Trail. For those keeping track and yearn for statistics, during the first half of the hike we averaged 3.7 mph. Maybe it was due to the very graceful and impossible to repeat flying fall by Mellissa who somehow managed to catch her foot in just the right way on this 18 stick to eject her up into the air and landed on her hands without injury! Gold stars for her bravery and continued fast pace after the incident. By the end of the hike we average a respectable 3.4 mph, covering 5.28 miles in just 1 hour and 33 minutes. Ariving back to our cars with plenty of sunlight (at 7:34 pm)

Continuing with the (new) tradition of doing something different we ventured to a (not to be named, as it rated poorly in the author's opinion) Greek restaurant in Catonsville; which provided few Greek choices on the menu! Seven of us joined in for the after hike festivities, conversation, and necessary consumption of large quantities of food.

Sorry, there will be no pictures of this event. For multiple reasons:

1) the leader hates pictures
2) We were moving too fast for the camera to capture us on film
3) And no one thought to bring a camera !

Thanks to all !

-Marty McCoy

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