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Sat, Apr 28 2007 - Catoctin Hike and Film Festival (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Paul Shaklan, Kim Buhrman
Participants:Kim Buhrman, Paul Shaklan, Lucas Fisher, Sarah Tinney, Jennifer Zanni, Jennifer Carey, Tracey Wagner, Qiong Jin, Lora Polowczuk, Young Kim, Kristen Buck, Ronn Levine, H. Tran, stacey katz, Rachel Evans, Douglas Boorstein, HADASSAH SCHER

Write Up:
A Mountain of a Day

The day's events started around 11:00AM at Gambrill's Trail Lot. After shuffling cars to accommodate the small lot and a round of introductions, we proceeded north on the Catoctin Trail. Aside from dodging the occasional mountain biker, climbing the occasional 200 meterer, and traversing the occasional stream, our 8.6 km out hike was relatively uneventful; our adventures didn't truly begin until our return trip. The clouds, which had been threatening to do so for several hours, finally broke into a drizzle; the rocks became slick; and, as tends to happen in these conditions, hikers began to slip. Aware that a group our size couldn't possibly hike the entire 8.6 km return trip without causality, Kim valiantly took one for the team by slicing her knee on a particularly sharp rock.

One organizer short, our group reconvened and headed towards the second, most coveted, event of the day: dinner at The Ott House. Man was my chicken parmesan sandwich good… The cheese was melted just so… and the fries! I think other people ate too.

After dinner, satisfied with own adventures, we proceeded to the Banff Film Festival to see films about other peoples'. Also, Kim won the "Tough award" (in the form of a raffle) for rejoining the group after an unbelievably quick (I'm convinced she stitched herself up) doctor's visit. We enjoyed several short films on topics including extreme base-jumping, extreme climbing, extreme kayaking, extreme ornithology, and extreme long distance bike trekking. Inspired by the films, we resolved to follow up Saturday's events Sunday with a trans-Siberia bike tour, but unfortunately we slept late.

-Paul Shaklan

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