Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Apr 1 2007 - Sweet Air Hike and Boordy Bluegrass (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kim Buhrman, Lucas Fisher
Participants:Kim Buhrman, Lucas Fisher, Cynthia Hildenbrand, Chuck Hildenbrand, doug hanford, Paul Shaklan, Jamie Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Michelle Brundage, Sarah Dannenfelser, Kimberly Hengbuoy, Tom Reichelderfer, Laura Paszkiewicz, Dominic Perry, Glenn Peddicord, Kate Copanic, Rob

Write Up:
April's Fools day started with a unintentional joke from the hike leader, "The trail is over there. Or is it over here? Maybe it is that-a-way? Maybe it starts at that post with all the brightly colored blazes and trail names?" Once the trail head was identified we started hiking through Gunpowder Falls State Park Sweet Air area. We took in views of harvested corn fields, giant McMansions, hardwood forest, tall pine forest, and grassland. A cornucopia of environments. We stopped, rested by the river, and admired the trail on the other side. Despite the "Hiker's Crossing" sign, no one seemed very enthusiastic about wading through 3 feet deep water on a brisk Spring day. Everyone agreed Paul should go in the river. However, he did not agree and was not very cooperative.

We returned to the parking lot a bit too early to head out for the second part of the event. The hike leader suggested more hiking (Of course!), but the troops rebelled by loitering. Most of the group satisfied themselves by watching some very hilarious Frisbee tossing by a brave group of Frisbee exhibitionists.

With that time wasted, we piled into the cars to head to the Boordy Winery. Some of the group made it there, some went home, and some people going to the winery accidentally followed those heading home. At the winery we pulled our lawn chairs and blanket out of the cars only to find they had moved the event inside because of the weather. I guess wine drinkin' folk don't like cloudy skies and raindrops. We grabbed a table, some food, and some wine. We considered trying to compete with another table that had one bottle per person, but decided we didn't want to sleep among the vines. The bluegrass band served up the music and even encouraged some MOC dancers. Who knew you could do bluegrass covers of pop music? We took the 2pm winery tour. We learned that Maryland had great grape growing weather, when the farmers complain of drought the grapes are very happy, and that the Boordy name came from the founder's young daughter who said Bordeaux as Boordy. As the music wound down we departed off into the countryside.

-Lucas Fisher

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