Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Mar 3 2007 - Baltimore Zoo Hike (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Ruwan Alwis
Participants:Ruwan Alwis, Melissa Dillon, Aimee Morris, Eric Scansen, esther kamoche, Anastasia Kamoche, Kisha Jones, Susan Mitchell, Lynn Spruill, Michelle Brundage, Stacy Murphy, Rykendra, Mark Reynolds, Casey, Uriah, Jamie Kennedy

Write Up:
Each year the Baltimore Zoo invites its guests to enjoy a free visit to see the animals and exhibits on its Opening Weekend. Admittedly, because of the large crowds, this was a tough event for one person to lead. Thanks to the support of the attendees, this event went off pretty well, in spite of several slow moments when we had to wait around. Firstly, I will mention that all in attendance contributed to a donation pool from the MOC to the Zoo. Originally, I thought to earmark our contribution for the Adopt-an-Animal program, but thanks to the enthusiasm and very generous donations from our members, we had enough money ($100) to buy a brick for the MOC. It will be inscribed with “Maryland Outdoor Club 2007” and will become part of the Zoo’s entry plaza.

The weather was great and we had several photographers taking pictures of the animals and of the group reliving the carefree days of our youth. There was a lot of zoo to cover in the short time we were there, but we did see a lot! Some of the cool/memorable animals we saw included the birds of prey animal ambassadors, the playful otters, and the chimp “acrobat-musicians”.

We regrouped at the zoo entrance for lunch. Then some of us formed a caravan and made our way from the busy zoo parking lots down to XS, a sushi bar/cafe near the U Baltimore campus. The prices were reasonable and the food was very good. Also the architectural surroundings (red brick walls, hardwood floors, metal staircases, and eclectic art) spawned for some interesting lunch conversation. There were a lot of new members at this event, so the conversations were sort of “getting-to-know ya” themed. There were a couple of members who were getting ready for a breast cancer “60-mile in 3 days” walk this Fall. Another member talked about filling in walls with mortar and brick at a Habitat for Humanity event in Baltimore. Yet another was quite generous and helpful in extending job search assistance to a couple of us. After finishing off the meals we ordered (stuff like Pad Thai noodles, Godzilla Roll maki, and grilled panini sandwiches), we called it a day and found our way back to the parking meters.

Please send in any more photos to the historian. Thanks!

- Ruwan Alwis

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