Maryland Outdoor Club
Mon, May 26 2003 - Memorial Day Picnic (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Mark Zawodny, Martin Acadieus, Rebecca Firoved, Aaron Firoved, Keira Wickliffe, Adam Miller, Laura Hustead, Katy McDonough, Vivianne Holt, Vincent Lyon, Kristen Buck, Brian Loughery, Young Kim, Ryan Meadows, Kimberly Emmick, Dave Onuschak, Katie Stofer

Write Up:
The event started off with the skies looking a bit gloomy as a couple of people arrived early to handle 'setup/hog a couple of tables.' But, not before long, the crowd started to trickle into the park (both our attendees and park-goers). The clouds broke as soon as we sat down for lunch at about noon, and soon the sun was out in full-force. We had all the food you would hope for at a Memorial Day Picnic, including Rebecca's special brownies! (This was a potluck meal, so everyone showed up with about $10 to $15 worth of food a piece to contribute to the meal).

After lunch, a few people stayed behind to do clean up, while a bunch headed over to observe the view of the falls just a few yards away. When the crowd came back, we broke out the chess set, bocce ball, and football for an hour or more of games. Young revealed a little too much info when he said he used to be in a chess club in junior high school. The bocce ball game looked interesting enough that the four people that started out playing the game soon turned to eight. The 'blue ball' team of Brian and Mark came in the champs. They even had cheerleaders and spectators (a couple of elementary-school aged kids were clapping them on while many people stopped on the path to the falls to watch the game).

Rebecca's dogs, Phoebe and Raven hung out near the group playing chess and watched the bocce ball game for fun. Occasionally, they would bark at the passing horses.

After all the games were done, we hung out around the picnic area until 7 PM telling stories, politely picking on one another, and snacking. A few people headed off to view some ruins near the falls. Mark decided to dump a cup of water on me after I sprinkled water on his head. Men, I'll tell you- can't live with them, can't live with them.

The ongoing joke of the day was the sign in the restrooms that read, 'If you fall in, you will die.' Obviously this isn't a joke about the falls, it is true, but what a weird place to post that. You know, 'fall in- '

Good event everyone - thank you for pitching in. Amazing that the MOC can occassionally do an event where alcohol isn't allowed. Because of the event's success, we've already got newcomers contacting the club about future events!

--Amy Pickwick

P.S. Thank you Rebecca for your photos!

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