Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Feb 18 2007 - Extreme Hiking at Patapsco Park (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Stefan Kunkoski
Participants:Stefan Kunkoski, jeannie geary, Rachel Evans, Michelle, Kevin Yue, Ian Wright, Amy Pickwick, Kimberly Hengbuoy, Tracy Ward Wright, Jennifer Carey, Kate Copanic, Stacy Murphy, Joe John, Alicia Harkum

Write Up:
It was a cold Sunday morning, but 14 of us gathered our cars around the entrance to Patapsco State Park. Even though the park was supposed to open at 8am, by 9 they were still not opening the gate and there were no rangers up at the headquarters. Between Joe and Marty, we were able to decide on an alternate trail that was only a short drive away.

We took our caravan back down Route 40 to another trail location near the Park & Ride in Catonsville. We now knew that the hike would no longer be the original 1-hour excursion and several had to leave due to other plans later in the day. Ten of us decided we were ready for the adventure of the snowy terrain despite some initial concerns.

Before heading out, we double-checked that everyone had signed the waiver and were proceeding at our own risk. We predicted there would be some icy sections, but we were confident that we would take it easy enough.

The first mile was nice and snowy with a couple of easy to moderate stream crossings. We then began a 4-mile loop that began going uphill. Luckily, it was not very icy at this point and we all made It up without a problem.

As we began to get further in, we hit several downhills that were slick. We found that the safest method to descend was sitting down and sliding. Our butts may have been chilly, but it was a fun ride.

There was one slope in particular that we had to take the most caution. After our fearless Stacy took a fast slide down the hill, luckily not seriously hurting anything, the rest of us proceeded carefully using whatever we could hold on to in order to keep us from descending too quickly. A couple of fallen tree trunks were very helpful. Marty was also very helpful with his crampons in a few situations.

It was surprising that the group remained in such high spirits throughout this Extreme Hike. There was a lot of laughter and enjoyment throughout the hike. I think it was a true testament to the laid back nature of this club. We were ready for anything. Despite realizing later that we never actually had introductions, through the several “team-building” exercises that the extreme terrain provided, we felt like close friends by the end of the hike.

We ended our event over some laughs and diner food from a nearby Double-T. All in all, it was a successful event despite some minor setbacks. I considered it to be the most fun I’ve had on a hike in a long time!

-Kate Buck

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