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Sat, Mar 3 2007 - HIking and Maple Syrup (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kim Buhrman, Sarah Dannenfelser
Participants:Kim Buhrman, Sarah Dannenfelser, Lutz Rastaetter, Lucas Fisher, Paul Shaklan, Allison de los Santos, Lynn Kingsley, Emilio Ungerfeld, Paul Huang, Tom Reichelderfer, Rachel Evans, Ryan Judy

Write Up:
Our morning began with a stroll from the Oregon Ridge Nature Center to the Lodge, where we indulged ourselves with pancakes, sausage, coffee, orange juice, and of course, homemade maple syrup. The syrup had just been tapped from the surrounding trees within the past 10 days. It takes about 50 gallons of sap to produce 1 gallon of maple syrup. During our breakfast, we were entertained with live music and had a few laughs about the sign pointing to the '"seconds line" with a pig drawn on it. The Oregon Ridge volunteers were also trying hard to sell raffle tickets for a puppet squirrel, but the MOCers were a hard sell.

After we were completely stuffed, we headed to the trails around the Oregon Nature Center. Our journey started on the red trail, an old loggers trail, with a long, steady ascent. Portions of the trail were quite muddy and proved to be a slippery challenge for some of the group members. Once we reached the top of the climb we came to the intersection of the Loggers Trail and the Lost Pond Trail. Several group members took the opportunity to shed some layers. The sun was shining and we worked up quite a sweat on the trail. The group followed the Lost Pond Trail until eventually we discovered the frozen lost pond. Some members questioned whether or not we had to cross the pond. We opted to continue along the trail to several stream crossings. These crossings were made especially challenging due to the slippery rocks and partially frozen water. We followed the Lost Pond Trail back to the Loggers Trail where we were treated to a lovely view of Hunt Valley and a ski slope. After resting a bit, we managed a slippery descent to the frozen quarry.

Once at the lake, our beautiful spring day quickly gave to dark, menacing clouds and gusty winds. Our hike ended at the beach area and the rescue of a little boy's hat that had blown onto the frozen lake. A relentless team of Emilio Ungerfeld, Ron Arnold, Lucas Fisher, and the boy's father, worked together to swing a rope over the hat and bring it to shore. After the rescue, some members headed to get lunch at Wegman's and others went to Gunpowder Falls State Park for a short hike.

Great food, hiking, and company, and the reward of a little boy's gleeful smile...what else could one ask for?

-Sarah Dannenfelser and Kim Buhrman

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