Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Feb 9 2007 - Easy Evening Hike - Canton Square (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): doug hanford, Stacy Murphy
Participants:doug hanford, Stacy Murphy, Lisa Falconero, Paul Huang, Joe Caudill, Aimee Morris, Leslie Watson, Lynn Kingsley, Katie Stofer, Cynthia Hildenbrand, Dominic Perry

Write Up:
This event was a success and fun was had by all. The evening urban hikers started out at J.D. Smoke House then hiked on to Looney's. Then well all took the long trek across Canton Square where we saw the statue of Caption O'Donnell, the founder of Canton. We then stopped at Corburn's for some more refreshments. It was then on the final offical stop at the Portside Tavern. After the grooling hike several of the MOCers decided to return to Looney's for a bite to eat.

Low and behold we saw an authentic indoor waterfall which cascaded beautifully into our first round of drinks.

Apparently some non-MOC folks had stayed a little too long at this watering hole and thought it would be good fun to shove a wad of paper towels in the sink of second floor bathroom.

However, Looney's management was quick to find us a new table and buy us a round of drinks... so all was forgiven.

-Stacy Murphy

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