Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jan 14 2007 - National Zoo Trip (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Beverly Hoeftman
Participants:Beverly Hoeftman, Kimberly Hengbuoy, Aimee Morris, Glenn Peddicord, michael thomey, Cindy Stone, doug hanford, Lori Frazier, Tom Reichelderfer, Lisa Falconero, Linda Werner, Nic Myers, Tracy Ward Wright, Vicky Roe, Nate Payer

Write Up:
The day began with a bit of a feeding frenzy at the Grosvenor Metro, thanks to an insufficient supply of functioning farecard machines. Fortunately, we lost no participants to predators, and continued on our way. Despite various transportation challenges, we connected with the rest of the group at the zoo. Introductions were made under the watchful gaze of a pod of dolphins painted on a nearby wall.

Many of the animals were sleeping when we passed by. Maybe the gloomy weather was making them lethargic. The red pandas were interesting even while snoozing. To avoid predators, they sleep wedged into the upper branches of trees. It looked very precarious, though more comfortable than a futon. Also along the Asia Trail, we were treated to the more lively spectacle of Tian Tian eating the Giant Panda equivalent of a Powerbar.

After working our way to the bottom of the hill, it was time for lunch. I was glad I'd brought my own food, after seeing what other MOCers paid for at the restaurant. Several items looked less appetizing than the Panda Powerbar.

We then proceeded at a leisurely pace, but eventually managed to work in the vast majority of the zoo. Other highlights of the day included a young Asian elephant nursing, the massive fish in Amazonia, and the playful antics of the otters. We also learned that hippos can remain underwater for 6 minutes, and that tamarins are very messy eaters.

Despite the ominous forecasts, we were never rained upon. If anything, we had better views, since the clouds kept the sun out of our eyes. The day was quite satisfying all around.

-Beverly Hoeftman

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