Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Apr 19 2003 - BBQ (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Mark Zawodny, Amy Pickwick, Young Kim
Participants:Mark Zawodny, Amy Pickwick, Young Kim, robert odessey, debbie kane, Carrie Vieira, Bill Evans, Adam Miller, Martin Acadieus, Bill Steele, Cindy Pena, Angela Grillo, Thomas Wilson, Laura Diamond, paul jan, Dawn Ibbott, Karen Koepp, Brian Loughery, aditi sharangpani, Melissa Landon, David Evans, Aaron Firoved, Mike Bogenschutz, Tina Kabuto, Trent Cooper, Rani Gran, Katie Stofer

Write Up:
Wow - great event. At 3:30, the setup crew arrived and Young Kim, Bill Evans, and Mark Zawodny headed out to the store to buy hamburgers, hot dogs, boca burgers, chicken, snack foods, sodas, etc. In the meantime, I was out getting all the tables setup, tiki torches out, putting the string of lights on, and making sure everything was squared away at the house. Soon, the boys arrived with the grub and they dropped everything off and headed down to College Park's #1 Liquors to pick up a keg. In no time, they returned with a 1/2 keg of Rolling Rock and a couple bottles of wine. But what I wanna know is: how many guys does it take from the MOC to tap a keg? Turns out, we had a bad tap - it was leaking air. So, back to #1 Liquors they go.

In the meantime (about 6ish), the hungry members of the MOC begin to arrive! To hold them over, we had out chips, dips, salsas, and veggies, until the real food was ready! Several members headed over to the horseshoe pits for a couple of games - and from what I could see Mike Bogenschutz was by far, one of the best players.

After the grill was fired up, warm food was flowing for a couple of hours. There were tons of toppings for the burgers, and pasta and potato salad available on the side. The food was SO good, that everytime I saw Paul Jan for about the next two hours, I saw him with some different food item in his hands - how he remains the same weight eatting that much, I don't know. The older members were sure tormenting him for bringing up the fact he had a high metabolism!

Not before long, the members gave up trying to bundle up as best they could in the 40-50-something weather, and all piled into the kitchen. A few of us overflowed into the living room and boy did the topic take a turn in there. Secrets getting revealed galore. The living room discussion dwindled down to 5 people (including Bob) as the night went on - but we were still sitting there talking beyond 2 AM. Trail name "Destiny" was devised for one of our members. I won't say the name, but I'm sure she probably knows it's her. You can blame that on the guys...

Thank you to all that pitched in money or food/drink items for the "Free" BBQ - it was much appreciated by all event organizers and definitely made a dent in the money spent to put on this cool event!BRBR Of course, this was just my interpretation of the events that took place at the BBQ - if you attended, feel free to submit more info for me to post via the Member Area "Event Content" form.

--Amy Pickwick :)

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