Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Jan 20 2007 - Happy Hour & Bowling night (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Ali Badii
Participants:Ali Badii, Brian Halahan, Vicky Roe, Boramy Hengbuoy, Joe John, Patricia Brady, Ruwan Alwis

Write Up:
As usual for MOC events, this one drew a pretty nice bunch! Most were relatively new to the MOC. Three had gone to Alaska. One was an avid skier. Three did work-related stuff with computers. Two were in bowling leagues at sometime in their lives.

An unofficial summary of stories swapped at this event covered the following topics: the psychology/relationship compatibility of older daughters marrying younger sons, the bicycle collision witnessed while running in an annual streaking race in Alaska several years back (ouch-that's gonna leave a mark), travels and having tiramisu at bazaars in Italy, a “battle" of which is the better pet- dogs or cats, and an assortment of odd job/work-related/settling-in stories. Proposed slogan for the MOC,..."Good people, odd stories, times!” We met at a busy Olive Garden, but were seated shortly after the last of our party arrived. We were seated in a pretty private area of the restaurant, which was nice because by this time we had already made introductions and were already swapping friendly stories. The food was good n’ plenty, as were everyone's fav, the complimentary breadsticks. After splitting the check and distributing the after-dinner chocolates unevenly (Patricia really likes Andes thin mints! :) ), we took off for the nearby Laurel Lanes for some cosmic bowling action.

Ali's solid performance was almost uncanny and helped carry our team to a win in the first game. Jeanne and Vicky had all-around very good games, too. They kept it close enough for me to help win the first game for our team, in spite of my night of cursed bowling funk. Boramy's hot hand helped carry his team of solid bowlers to an easy win in the second game.

His team was pretty much dead even performance-wise and was well-matched for most of the night. Props to Patricia, Joe, and Brian! Patricia may have been the sleeper of the group, because she had two surprisingly exciting games. Joe and Brian did well, too, and had their fair share of strikes and spares.

I know I missed lots of opportunities for fun bowling action pics! Hope I'll get the bugs with my photo techniques (and game) worked out by our next bowling match!

It seemed like everyone had a good time and new friendships were made! Thanks to Ali for organizing this event!

-Ruwan Alwis

At first we were having a happy hour at olive garden. Everybody enjoyed sitting around the table and talking.

Afterward, we started to bowl. Everybody enjoyed playing the game and listening to music. Email your pictures to the historian.

-Ali Badii

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