Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Dec 15 2006 - 'Biners & Brews (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Lisa Robinson
Participants:Boramy Hengbuoy, Doug Coyner, Tracy Ward Wright, Lisa Robinson, Sarah Tinney, Cory Brodzinski, KC Yi, Aimee Morris, Kathryn Bright, Ali Badii, Melissa Sheedy, Jennifer Hansen, Leah Kintner

Write Up:
So the evening boiled down to the following things: pretzels and reese's peanut butter cups, "harrowdown hill" and the overhang, flat beer with colorful names and a rather feminine drink that in other circles may have earned the holder a teasing, a camera from the stone ages, and flimsy crayons.

Everyone in our group showed! (After getting lost by the lack of signage and address markings.) Our three trusty instructors from Earth Treks Climbing Center Columbia started us off in the upstairs portion of the gym by giving us a rundown on how to put on our harnesses and how not to fall off the high walls we were about to embark up. Everyone looked slightly nervous at first, but were soon off to conquering Everest! er, the downstairs (big boy) walls.

After getting used to being 40 or so feet off the ground, folks began looking for challenges. They needed challenges, you say? Yes, and a route called "Harrowdown Hill" was chosen, possibly for its rather ominous looking overhang that stumps many a climber. Several went up against that conquerer was Leah, at her first event! Towards the end of our climbing event there began to be cries of "food? beer!", which sort of signalled the end of our two hours of climbing and conquering. Everyone was satisfied with a job well done, which showed in our pumped up forearms and shaky hands.

And then? On to the Rocky Run Tap & Grill...home to beer with silly names and massive plates of wings! We lost a couple folks in the migration, but most of us stayed and began ordering beverages of varying potency. KC, a very unfeminine sort of person, was brought a frosty cotton candy pink fruity beverage, which was a very feminine sort of drink. All at the table of course could not let this go unnoticed, and well...anyway. Other entertainment at the dinner table included several of us coloring butcher paper angrily (or else the crayons just kept breaking) and my very own personal camera that, yes, actually WAS bought in the stone ages, and works in a stone aged fashion, and will provide the pictures for the event, but will take a little while okay? it's old, you can't rush it.

So, in all, everyone did a superb job at the climbing. For many folks the event was their first ever attempt at rock climbing, or was just their second or third time. A couple of us who were a little more advanced had a great time encouraging newcomers in the sport, as it brings on a great sense of accomplishment. Congratulations everyone on a job well done!

-Lisa Robinson

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