Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Jun 21 2003 - Chesapeake Bay Day-Long Cruise (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Mark Zawodny, Kim Kidwell, Bethany Walls, Ilene Laufer, Dawn Ibbott, Devi Koung, Vicky Zawodny

Write Up:
The weather report the week preceding this event seemed rather gloomy for this Saturday - but what can you expect when there's been nothing but rain in the forecast for the past 2 months? When we woke Saturday morning, it was to our surprise that the weather was actually a bit on the cloudy side, but not raining, relatively warm, and the air calm.

We met up at the Annapolis city dock and boarded the Annapolitan II at about 10 AM. Shortly thereafter, we were on our merry way on this double-decker boat. The bottom floor was walled off with a nice climate controlled environment. Coffee and fresh doughnuts awaited us for attending the cruise. A full service bar and snacks were also present, if you needed a little bit more to pick you up.

We sailed the high seas - more like went on a merry boat stroll on the flat Bay, but in any case - for about 2.25 hours. We went across the Bay to St. Michaels, passing by Kent Island, the Bay Bridge, Thomas Point Lighthouse, hundreds of boaters out for a day of fun on the Bay, and many magnificent looking homes. The water relatively calm, except for the occasional wake left by a passing motorboat.

Once arriving at St. Michaels, the Maritime Museum staff greeted us with our day passes (included in the boat ride admission), and we were all off looking for a good bite to eat. Mark, Vicky, Devi, and I went to the Town Dock restaurant, the trio of girls - Kim, Ilene, and Bethany all hit the Crab Claw, and Jeff & Dawn went to the St. Michaels Crab & Steak House. Everyone had great reports from where they ate and I think, from what I heard, all of the places would be recommended to anyone passing through St. Michaels. If you ever plan a trip to St. Michaels, make a day out of it - there is much to explore here. There are historic walks, many quaint places to eat, plenty of shopping, the museums, and short (90 minute) boat rides leaving right at the main dock.

After lunch and sightseeing came to an end, we all boarded the boat and headed back to Annapolis. Many of us were wishing for just a little bit more time to have spent in St. Michaels - but we'll definitely have to plan a day-trip by car there sometime soon. During the ride home, we watched the boaters playing in the water again, the glistening water from the sun beginning to go down, while some of us stayed on the upper deck chit chatting and catching rays and a couple people headed downstairs to play card games.

Just as soon as we got back to Annapolis, in our cars, and heading home, the storm finally hit. Couldn't have been better timing.

--Amy Pickwick

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