Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Sep 29 2006 - The Kids Shouldn’t Be Camping Weekend (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): KC Yi
Participants:KC Yi, Sarah Tinney, Kathryn Bright, Lisa Perkins, Rob, Lisa Robinson, Kate Copanic, Tracey Wagner, Aimee Morris, Cindy Stone, Saki Saki, Norma Broadwater, Glenn Peddicord, Amanda Hasuly, Maureen Wingfield, Seth Spears, Lisa Wolfe, Aga Lewelt

Write Up:
Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden about living all alone in isolation on Walden Pond for two years and two months, pondering life, its meaning, and blah, blah, blah. Well, it wasn't exactly true. Apparently, It seemed that he wasn't completely alone nor isolated. I once heard a biographer described how Thoreau would bound over to his mother's house to eat some good old fashion home cooking. Yeah, keep this in mind next time you read his books.

Well, that's what this weekend seemed like: camping with all the amenities. Other than the fact that there was a bathroom, a shower and a water spigot close by, there was also a 4 star hotel next door. At least there wasn't too many kids. I think we could have done without the rain though, as it seemed to come down pretty well Friday and Saturday night.

Here are some highlights of the weekend:
- Lots of left-handed people
- Lots of Lisas
- Lots of red-heads
- Lots of MOC members attending their first event
- Amanda wanting and finally touching Saki's mane
- Finding out that an "Aga" does exist
- A game of Uno came be deadly and last all night long
- You can twist your ankle on a few pebbles while walking on pavement
- You can go camping and shopping at the same time
- You can eat in two states at the same time
- Even if you pour stove fuel on a camp fire, it's no guarantee that it'll stay lit
- If you ask nicely, a guy name Drew will give you a free boat ride across a lake
- If are a band teacher and a guy in a band talks to you, you get all giddly and it puts a skip in your step
- Bed bugs can be really baaad
- Grandma keeps lots of weird crap in her attic, including: Appendage, Banana, Caterpillar, Dog, Eagle, Ferret, Ginger Ale, Hermit Crab, Igloo, Jaguar, Kite, L?, Manly man, Narcissist, Orangutan, Plumply plums, Queen of England, Rabid Raccoon, S?, Transvestite, Underoo, Virgin, Watermelon, X-rated movie, Y?, Zookeeper.

All in all, a great weekend. As I said before, it's not so much the location, but the composition of the people who attend these events that make it so great. Anyway, stay tune for my next event where I attempt some new culinary cuisines. It seems that there is an Italian theme to my camping trips. Oh well. Anyway, who wants to just eat hamburgers on a camping trip?

-KC Yi

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