Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Oct 14 2006 - Moderate Hike at Paw Paw Tunnel (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Jerry Wright
Participants:Jerry Wright, Kristin Kimball, Julian Kennedy

Write Up:
Excellent weather for a hike. Leaves had turned in some places. Banner overlook had its usual awe inspiring view of the forest. Even more impressive when you realize that in 1916, 20,000 acres were cleared for apple orchards; everything in view has grown back since then. After lunch drove down to the Paw Paw tunnel & hiked through. From the entrance it looks like the other entrance is a couple hundred feet away at most; after 10 minutes of walking it still looks just a couple hundred feet away. Went down to the old lift locks & found the remains of a creosote dipping tank at a carpenter shop that was at one lock. Abandoned in 1924 and burned in 1960 but you can still get a whiff of the creosote. Hiked back over tunnel hill which has some impressive views of the Potomac river and canal towpath from above. Since it was a small group we went to 2 additional overlooks: one at the state forest HQ off I-68 and another on Carroll road where there's a 500 ft drop to the Potomac. Took an unmapped backroad out of Green Ridge and saw some remnants of the early settlements: a couple of cemeteries and a chimney from an 1832 steam saw mill tucked away in a remote spot.

-Jerry Wright

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