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Sun, Sep 24 2006 - Crystal Grottoes Cave Tour (View Original Event Details)

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Participants:Alison Stevens, Julie Stevens, Ali Badii, Tracey Wagner, Sarah Oakes, Andrew Huston, sharon hansen

Write Up:
What do Frogs, Stalactites, Stalagmites, a snowcap mountain, and crystals have in common? They can all be found in Crystal Grottoes.

Our tour guide was Russell. He was nice enough to show us the various columns of the stalactites and stalagmites can be found through out the entire cave. What I found more interesting were the translucent ribbon rock formations and the Calcite Crystals formations. The crystals where white and if you stared at them long enough their formation took on the image of a snowcap mountain. With a little imagination and time you might also see a miniature statue of a man thinking, alien face or an elephant head.

The biggest room in the cave was the blanket room. It's ceiling was about 20 feet high and long and about 4 feet wide. Closer to the end of our tour was a small pool of water appropriately titled Golden Lake. Here the "lake" is deep enough to cover the top of your feet however the walls are a golden brown which is very unlike the sooty brown or black walls from the previous parts of our cave.

But what about the frogs? Well they were born there silly. However, they are not native to the cave. Without any predators or food Russell had been spending a lot of time collecting them and taking back to the stream outside.

-Camille Rogers

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