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Sun, Sep 10 2006 - Horseback Riding (View Original Event Details)

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Participants:John Meagher, Sharon Rogillio

Write Up:
Orginally, the event was scheduled during the Labor Day weekend. However, inclimate weather forced me to reschedule for the following Sunday. Couple that with the begining of the football season, and then add in the Maryland Renn Festival, and a few other personal reasons and the number of attendies plummitted to 3. This was dissapointing at first but this was my first MOC event ever. I can't say I was as on the ball as a should have been. So three attendees just so happen to work out best for me. The sign in the front was clearly marked Millersville Stables but some how, I drove by it. The stables which are not viewable from the road are in the back of the residential property. So at first, I got the feeling I was trespassing. Finally after 15 mins, we hit the trail. We were all beginners and the trail that we took was clearly marked as such. Although there were a few slopes, our guide stopped a few feet infront of us to give us a short descrption about the length of the slope and the proper way to ride the horse. Clearly we were the amatures NOT THE HORSES. Trotting through the water and along side the stream was the best part. About one hour, 3 slopes, and 2 water crossing later we were back the ranch and ready to dismount.

All in all we agreed that we would do it again.

-Camille Rogers

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