Maryland Outdoor Club
Thu, Sep 28 2006 - Financial Planning Seminar (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Jackie Putman, Amy Pickwick, Paula Moran, Kimberly Engle, Anders Lofstrand, Linda Werner, Martina Siwek, Holly Gue, Richard Gue, Alison Stevens, Ali Badii, Jennifer Hafner, Lutz Rastaetter, Ruwan Alwis

Write Up:
Absolutelyfreakingamazing! Is that a word? I loved the dynamic presenters, Elizabeth Ernst and V.P. Felicia McCoy of Ameriprise Financial in Annapolis, and the amount of information we walked away with in that short amount of time. There was so much more to go over too - I think we barely saw the tip of the iceburg. It was also super-sweet that they provided all of us with yummy Atlanta Bread Company food - did someone tip them off that I used to live in Hotlanta?

We all met up between 7 and 9 PM in one of the business buildings near the Mall of Columbia - even with it raining cats and dogs outside!

At this very educational event, the attendees learned about: Ameriprise in general and what they can offer, types of life insurance (the pros and the cons), types of investments (the pros and the cons), and what to start doing now to put us on the path to our personal goals.

Everyone walked away with their own objectives in mind and many people requested an additional one-on-one consultation with Elizabeth. We also all wished we had learned all this information years ago - it totally made sense when it was laid out before us. There is just so much to learn. It's so informative and interesting!

Ameriprise does NOT cold call. To have a Financial Advisor contact you, please call: Elizabeth Ernst at 410-897-4928. She can also setup this educational class at your office for your coworkers or any other organization you might be in.

--Amy Pickwick

I've been meaning to see someone about my finances, but you know, that is something one always seems to put off and put off. Also, I had no idea how to pick someone, or what to look for. Now I at least have a great start!

--Anonymous Attendee

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