Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Sep 10 2006 - Maryland Renaissance Festival (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kate Copanic
Participants:Kate Copanic, Lynn Kingsley, charles lewis, Amy Pickwick, Lisa Robinson, Glenn Peddicord, Deanna Shapiro, KC Yi, Jason Zach, Rob, ghina siddiqui

Write Up:
We arrived at 9:30 and began enjoying the people watching. There was plenty to be had. We worked on convincing those who did not dress up that they need to get oufits for next year's festival.

A few last straglers arrived at 10 and we were able to buy the discount tickets. At this time, the King and his procession cut through our group on the way to the castle. We enjoyed watching the skit of the King's intention to find a new wife. By 10:15, we entered the Fair. Unfortunately, some were not able to arrive to the event within that 45 minute window of time and therefore missed the event.

Once inside, a small group immediately walked off, never to be seen again. The rest of us made a rendez-vous plan to get together for lunch in case we split up or got lost. We ended up staying as a group the whole day.

The day include several shows, watching demonstrations of artisans, and enjoying the skits we kept running into. There was one actor there who looked like Captain Jack Sparrow who kept stalking one of our attendees. I don't think she minded, though. Charlie and Glenn were both betrothed to an actress at the fair and at one point two ladies were fighting over Charlie. Lisa and Glenn took a stab at climbing the "castle walls". Several attendees tried to win some of the games such as darts and crossbow target shooting, but no winners this day.

We took a break for lunch, enjoying sausage, falafels, turkey legs, etc. Our energy was back up so we continued on. All in all, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and it was a great day. I look forward to organizing it again next year!

-Kate Buck

P.S. Amy Pickwick says to check out the eBay store, Satin and Sass, where she bought her outfit so you can play dress up next year!

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