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Sat, Aug 26 2006 - Pennsylvania Ren Faire and Wine Tasting (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Ian Wright
Participants:Ian Wright, Cynthia Hildenbrand, Chuck Hildenbrand, Jen A, Aimee Morris, Bill Maharay, doug hanford, Boramy Hengbuoy, Jeff Schwartz, Tracey Wagner

Write Up:
On August 26, 2006 the MOC decended upon the Pennsylvania Rennaissance Faire in Cornwall, PA. The day was a bit overcast and some of us hit snags in traffic while on our way up, but it turned out to be a pretty fun day (at least as far as I can remember but more on that later).

When we got set up at the Ren Faire and all got together we first proceded to the wine tasting booth known as Bachus's retreat. While there we sampled a wide variety of wines that are made at the mount hope winery, upon whose grounds the PA Ren Faire stands and made plans to split on multiple bottles to get a discount after the faire.

Afterwards we attended some truely fine shows including a very ribald musical act by the Rakish Rogues and the Sultry Sirens of Sin, a truely hypnotic belly dancing troupe, a sword swallower, a hypnotist, and a very quick witted "Wench Auctioneer". During the second "Sultry Sirens of Sin" performance that we attended, Doug was actually sung to by the, erm, classy ladies. They're really quite innocent! I have fond memories of all of them other than the hypnotist of which I remember very little, but more of that later.

We also entertained ourselves with games of skill. I was honored to battle Chuck and Doug in turn in a duel to the death within the Fair's fight circle. Later we went to the skill game area where we attempted such feats as climbing Jacob's ladder, archery, and throwing axes. Aside from being shown up by 10 year old kids on Jacob's ladder and some of the bruises that some of us probably still have it was alot of fun.

Of course, what Ren Faire would be complete without Jousting? We watched two Jousts, one of skill and one "Ultimate Joust" where we watched the Duke of York compete agains the "Bull of England". We were seated in the Bull's section and unfortunately he met his end during the ultimate jouse but he put on quite the show.

The Ren Faire also hosts a Poe themed event after Halloween and a Dicken's Themed event at Christmas.

So, that's it for my portion of the summary. Due to my "incapacitation" during the Hypnotism portion I've asked Jennifer Adach to cover the summary for that one and she was kind enough to oblige.


Ian's Adventures in Hypnosis…

After a test to see how open you were to being hypnotized (which several MOC members were), only one was brave enough to take the stage for our entertainment: fearless leader, Ian Wright. The hypnosis started innocently enough as the hypnotist started to lay out a guided hallucination for the hypnotized people on stage. Participants were asked to imagine themselves on a beach, in a boat, in a fishing contest that could win them a million dollars. The hypnotist then asked the participants to imagine that the boat then turned into a rocket ship, at which point Ian looked over his shoulder and gave a "this is awesome" grin and blasted off to space experiencing turbulence and all.

They landed on the moon and saw the moon men. As the hypnotist explained, women love moon men (and their antenna!) while men hate the moon men. The men on stage gave their reasons for hating the moon men, while the women onstage gushed about how fabulous the moon men were. The hypnotist asked the men to imagine themselves as women, extremely feminine women, and to try to attract the moon men with their sexiest dance. As the men onstage fluffed their hair, Ian adjusted his shirt to better show his cleavage and then leapt up to shake it like only Beyonce could. There was also some talk of the antenna again, but this is not that kind of Web site.

Between most of the hallucinations, the hypnotist asked the participants to lapse into a deep sleep. Most would fall to their side, resting against the person next to them. At one point, they were asked to imagine that the person next to them was their teddy bear. Ian's teddy bea

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