Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Sep 9 2006 - Maryland Zoo Reggae & Brew Festival (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Rebecca Frankenberger
Participants:Rebecca Frankenberger, Deanna Shapiro, Liz Humphries, Teresa Haenn, Marilyn Agro, Nathan Rich, Joyce Dorsch, Ali Badii

Write Up:
Lions, Tigers & Bears... er, I mean beer - oh my! Despite the slight inconvenience of local traffic (and poor directions/signage - I'm so sorry guys!) caused by the Yankee's playing in town, attendees trickled into the Brew Festival & were greeted by a rather large turtle on a leash that resembled what one would call a gigantic rubber band (you had to be there!). There was also a special appearance from one of their bird animal ambassadors!

Once through the event gates, the attendees quickly grabbed a patch of grass & began to sample the Brews & various vendors. Brew samples included: Red Stripe, Corona, Carib, Miller Lite, Yuengling, Stella Artois, Fordham Helles & Captain Morgan's New Parrot Bay Drinks (The fruity drinks). For lunch, many participants opted to try the huge "Taco Bowl" offered by one of the many food vendors. It definitely filled you up! Not leaving much room for... um... say, a Key Lime Pie eating contest!

That's right, 2 (was originally 3, but I won't go there!) very brave souls entered a Key Lime Pie eating contest. There are even pictures (shot by our wonderful camera man, Nathan) to prove it!!! I don't know about Deanna, but I think I've had my fill of Key Lime Pie for the rest of my lifetime. It used to be one of my favorites, but now when anyone even mentions those words my stomach makes me remember how I felt after the pie eating contest. Enough said! At least we got a free event t-shirt for participating!

After Deanna & I were cleaned up, the group quickly plotted a course through the Polar Bear Exhibit & then the African Journey Exhibit. Some animals spotted during our quick run through were: Bald Eagle, Saddle-Billed Stork, Snowy Owl, Wattled Crane, African Penguin, Leopard, Okapi (ask Nathan how to pronounce it!), and a couple Giraffes. Unfortunately, most of the animals were turning in for the evening & we didn't get to see most of them. To my dismay, even Nathan's; we didn't even get to see the elephants (nor the lions & tigers either)! Around 4:30pm we were kicked out (rather politely made aware of that the park was closing) & headed back to the Brew Festival. We'll have to go back to visit them sometime in the fall!

Around 5pm some participants (including myself) decided to call it a day, graciously handing over their unused brew tickets to fellow attendees (someone could make good use out of them!). The few stragglers probably danced the night away or until they were kicked out!

I want to take this time/space to thank everyone who attended the event. I hope you had a blast & I look forward to hanging out again at this event next year. Thank you to all that followed directions & purchased your tickets on-line (and printed them off before coming to the event)!!! Thank you for your patience at the start of the event & for holding down a patch of grass for the group! To the two attendees who took off on your own (and were never heard from again), I hope you had a fun time, thanks for signing up! Thank you for your support during the Pie Eating Contest too!

-Rebecca Frankenberger

Photos to be posted soon...

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