Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Aug 13 2006 - Hiking, Boating, & Disc Golf (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Paul Shaklan, Kim Buhrman
Participants:Kim Buhrman, Aimee Morris, Paul Shaklan, Jessica Martinez, Fred Cascio, Christian Buhrman, John Meagher, Lisa Grant, Emilio Ungerfeld, Glenn Peddicord, Brett Beitzel, Catherine Luke, charlotte dunigan, Sarah Harvey, Ali Badii, Sandy Balkit, Sujoy Sen, Jenny Workman, Melody MacInnis, doug hanford

Write Up:

Sunday's events - nay, adventures - began at Musselman Road around 10:00 AM and didn't cease until the remaining participants tottered away from Bill Bateman's restaurant at 8:30 PM. Although advertised as a hiking, boating, and disc golf event, in actuality this event had everything:

Perfect weather? Check!

Hiking? Check!

Stone skipping? Check!

Boating? Check!

Giant green caterpillars? Check!

Disc golf? Check!

A discourse on penguin neuroscience? Check!

The Codorus staff photographing the MOC participating in each and every event the park has to offer for use in their next park brochure? Check!

That said, what's really great about this event is that by front loading a weeks worth of activities into the first day, participants can feel justified doing nothing for the next six. I'm going to start now.

-Paul Shaklan

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