Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Aug 20 2006 - Football 101 for Women (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Stefan Kunkoski, Amy Pickwick
Participants:Stefan Kunkoski, Amy Pickwick, Lisa Robinson, Kate Copanic, Joy Anderson, Holly Gue, Kristen Buck, anna worsham, Tim Murphy, Graziele Barbosa

Write Up:
Football 101 for Women got started right at 2 PM at the Owen Brown Community Center in Columbia, MD. Our instructor, Stefan Kunkoski, a former football player for Frederick H.S., Gov. Thomas Johnson H.S., Towson University, and a volunteer for the strength and conditioning program for football athletes at Morgan University in Baltimore, lead us through an outline he drafted of all the basic information one would need to know to follow a football game on TV or in the stadium.

The instruction began with a brief history of the sport, followed by the offense and defense positions, formations, penalties, and so forth. We took a series of quizzes to help memorize the information between the various sections.

Stefan also had drafted up some plays and diagrams at the back of our outlines, to make it easy to visualize each player’s purpose.

At the end of class, we spent 15 minutes reviewing a past Super Bowl game, with the sound off, so we could spot the formations, plays, and “holes” to run the ball.

We might not be football experts now, but at least we’ll know what a few of the terms are when they are called out or what gestures a referee makes to signify what penalty.

I hope everyone attending really enjoyed the class. There was so much information that the class ran long, to 4 PM, and we were kicked out of the building!

--Amy Pickwick

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