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Sat, Sep 9 2006 - Historic Annapolis Boat & Walking Tour (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kimberly McCue, Patrick Haas
Participants:Patrick Haas, Kimberly McCue, John Fogle, Colin Babb, Maria Maranto Dickey, Sandra Gendleman, Chuck Hildenbrand, Aimee Morris, Sarah Tinney, Boramy Hengbuoy, Marni Pasch, Scptt Pasch, Kristen Buck, Young, Glenn Peddicord, Beverly Hoeftman, Michelle Collins, Tracey Wagner, Katie Mobley, Eric Scansen

Write Up:
Our group began the day by rendezvousing at "Babb's Bargain Basement Vehicular Storage Facility", and I mean bargain - it was free! Well, all seemed to be starting off great, with the sunny weather and all, when out of the blue (nether regions) pulled up the local parking lot Nazi, complete with semi-intelligible grumblings reminiscent of Hillbilly Bear (but alas, I date myself). Some of the fragments spat in our general direction resembled concepts such as all of our cars being: towed, moved around to confuse us, painted like the Partridge Family bus, insulted (i.e. being compared to a 1977 AMC Pacer), cursed by the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, creatively hood-ornamented, tar and feathered, filled with clowns and/or otherwise experiencing things that a car is not supposed to experience. We immediately gave this imposing figure the respect he deserved by turning around, ignoring him, and walking away towards our first destination, the Annapolis Visitor's Center.

This segment of the "tour" was led by our local guide Colin, of the infamous "Babb's Bargain Basement Tours and Bail Bonds Inc.". We soon traversed through some of the more interesting areas of the colonial town that had plenty of, shall we say, "Character"? Nobody was hurt and most of us arrived at our destination still in possession of our watches.

Once in the V.C., after a bit of money shuffling, and laundering, rubber check writing, and one currency conversion (who WAS that who brought the Malaysian Ringgits anyhow?), we proceeded outside with our tour guide, Squire Bob Triangle Hat (as opposed to Square Pants) for introductions. His first question was who had traveled the farthest. We proudly pointed to our long distance member, Chuck Hildenbrand, "all the way from Manassas, VA." we said. Well, Bob wasn't really that impressed - since soon after, Ivan Vekumlongevey stated his origin as being the Ukraine.DOH! Bob, did however, appear very knowledgeable and personable - we were all looking forward to the tour. And as it turns out, appearances were correct in this case and he was a real treat, I even learned a few things (I think).

Squire Bob not only knew a lot about Annapolis history; he was also very skilled at keeping us looking-anywhere-but-the-road gawking tourists from becoming creative hood ornaments ourselves.

Bob led us around Church Circle and up to the statehouse where we learned all that anyone in possession of a larger than normal trivia lobe, would like to know about Georgian architecture. BTW, Annapolis has the largest collection of such buildings in the country - cool, at least that lobe is working.

OK, OK, I know this is starting to get a bit long, so I will speed it up some. After the statehouse we continued on to look and learn about St. John's College of VERY liberal arts - no exams or grades, just papers and talks.

Then, it was on to a few other fine examples of Georgian buildings and their history before entering the very beautiful and unique US Naval Academy. The Squire gave us a little bit of a lesson on Academy history and its architecture before leading us to the Naval Chapel. Hey wait a minute; did we just walk into the USNA with a Russian? I guess it's OK now.

Our tour of the grounds included: the chapel, under which lay John Paul Jones' crypt, which we also visited; the "get me out of this Plebe hat" obelisk (look it up); the repaint/decorate for every game statue of Tecumseh; the world's second largest dormitory, Bancroft Hall (1700 rooms and 4000 Midshipmen); the occasional Naval artifact; and of course, Glenn taking lots of pictures. We also got to see all the Midshipmen mustering to deploy for the football game against some other less discerning institution..

At this point the Squire bid us farewell and we headed down to the docks for second part of our tours - the floating one (hopefully). The timing was perfect. We had about 40 minutes to grab a sna

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